5 repairs you do not need a professional for

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Since the influx of DIY television programming, many home owners do not have the confidence they once had to repair any damage within their property. Of course there are still self-proclaimed ‘handymen’, but the risk of further damage is what usually dictates a person’s decision when it comes to repairs.

There are many areas of damage which you are highly recommended not to do by yourself, such as electrical repairs, asbestos removal and roofing repairs, but don’t let that break your spirit as there are still many things that you can repair yourself, without the need for a professional!

Paint Jobs

It is no surprise that this has made our list as painting is a very straightforward job if done sensibly. The decorating industry is booming at this present time and it is hard to distinguish whether it is just people throwing money at the problem, or that it is home owners striving for perfection.

If you are not striving for perfection then you are fully within your capabilities to repair any damaged paintwork yourself. All you need to do is firstly remove or loosen any hardware or fixtures to avoid stains and lay on coat after coat until all cracks, holes and other areas of damage are covered. Make sure you do not go over the top whilst applying the paint as the wall needs to maintain a level of consistency if it is to look presentable.

Loose Laminate Countertops

It may sound as if you would need to have this repair done professionally, but it’s a lot simpler than it sounds. The best way to repair loose laminate countertops is by using an adhesive such as ‘Liquid nails’ and applying beneath the countertop. Remember- when buying the adhesive, buy one that reads “projects” on the label, otherwise it is more likely that it won’t be strong enough to hold a material of such a weight. There will be numerous dependable adhesives in most hardware or lumber stores.

Scratches on a Wood Cabinet

This is another problem that can also be resolved by a trip to a hardware store. To repair scratches on the inside or outside of a wooden cabinet you only have to purchase scratch fillers, which on the eye look like brown crayons. They come in a number of different shades so it is best to really examine the colour of your wooden surface. To apply the product you just have to gently rub ‘crayon’ into the scratch.

Unplugging a Clogged Toilet

No need to call the plumber! Unplugging a clogged toilet takes quite a lot of effort and is also rather unpleasant, but it is a money saver.

First you need to establish what is actually blocking the toilet, as in some cases, it could be the case of a foreign object dropping in accidently. If so, all you’ll need to do is put on a pair of gloves and dig deep.

What is also a useful technique to unplug a toilet is to wait for the water to go down to a normal level and add a bucket full of water. This should apply the added pressure to release whatever is clogging the toilet. The most highly used technique however is using a plunger to clear the toilet as it is the best piece of equipment to use for applying pressure. Plungers are available at all hardware stores.

Applying Caulk

For those who are unsure what caulk actually is, it is the rubbery material that separates your wall, your sink, your shower and your bathtub. Its main purpose is to protect floors and walls from moisture and keep tiles in place.

The main problems that seem to arise with Caulk is that they can become easily discoloured and eventually will begin to deteriorate and this is when you step in!

You have to first make sure that all residue is removed, which can be quite a difficult task, but you must be patient as it is pivotal to this form of repair. Once the residue is fully removed then you must remove the rest of the old caulk otherwise the new layer will not stick. This is then followed by leaving the old surface to dry before putting in the new layer with a caulk gun, which again can be purchased at all hardware stores. You need to have a steady arm to conduct this task otherwise the whole thing could become a mess, but if you do have that ability then you shall be able to apply whenever you feel necessary, over and over again.


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