3 Useful Pest Control Tips to Keep Your Home Free from Pests

by | Apr 26, 2022 | DIY Tips

Undoubtedly, having pests in a home is one of the biggest problems. You would be surprised to know that as per the data released by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), the USA faces $ 5 Billion in property damage each year due to termite attacks. However, pests such as termites, ants, cockroaches, are not only harmful to your valuable property but they are equally harmful to your health as well. Especially if you have kids in your home, you should be extra cautious about immediately getting rid of unwanted and harmful pests. 

Well, the best effective way to get rid of such annoying and harmful pests is nothing but considering Elite Pest and Termite Control services regularly for sure. The professionals have adequate expertise to make your home free from pests effortlessly. 

However, before you contact one of the best pests control services, you may consider the below tips to keep your home away from harmful pests. Let’s have a close look!

Ensure to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Usually, pests thrive in dirty and damp atmospheres. The kitchen is such a place where the corners can get dirt and damp if not cleaned regularly. Therefore, make sure to clean each corner of the kitchen regularly to prevent pests. 

Additionally, consider cleaning the racks, surfaces of the stoves, and kitchen drawers on a regular basis so that pests can’t get their preferred space to thrive. 

Regular Garbage Disposal Is the Key

It’s normal to have extra food particles during daily cooking activities in the kitchen. Using a garbage bag to keep such waste is somehow essential to keep your kitchen clean. However, the real problem arises when people forget to dispose of garbage on a regular basis. This practice can indulge harmful pests in thriving. Usually, the very common pests like rats, cockroaches, and rodents can easily thrive when you fail to clean the garbage regularly. So, please don’t be indifferent to regularly keep the garbage away from your home. This course of action will eventually help you keep the harmful pests away from your home effortlessly.

Avoid Stagnant Water

Another best way to keep harmful pests away from your home is nothing but to prevent excess water from standing for an extended period. The stagnant water becomes dirty with time. The dirty stagnant water is the ideal place for the pests like mosquitoes to breed in. The mosquito isn’t only annoying but also carries deadly viruses like malaria and dengue. 

So, allowing dirty water to stand for longer can help such deadly pests breed in. This isn’t only harmful to your health, but it can also harm your neighborhood. Therefore, you must ensure to prevent dirty water from standing in places surrounding your home.


So, it seems that now you’re better ready to keep the harmful pests away with the mentioned tips. Hiring a specialist pest control service is the best solution to make your home free from pests. However, you have some basic responsibilities as well to prevent unwanted pests. So, make sure to follow the aforementioned tips and give a call to a specialist pest control service if necessary. 

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