10 Fresh Ideas for Your Home Renovation Project

by | Jul 17, 2017 | DIY Tips, Home

If you are thinking about remodelling an area of your home, you know that there are countless styles, colours, and finishes to consider. The most important factor in your decision should be your own sense of style and enjoyment. However, it can be useful to check in with the home improvement trends to find inspiration and decide what ideas to incorporate into your own project. Here are some fun and unique ideas to consider for your home improvement project.

1. Accent Colour

If you want to make a statement, consider using a bright accent color in a small section of your room. This could look different depending on your project. Maybe you want to choose a red or blue refrigerator for your kitchen or paint an accent wall in you master bedroom. Either way, choose a bold color that will draw attention.

2. Chandelier

Rather than using only lamps or recessed lights in your master bedroom and bathroom, consider installing a chandelier as well. Using a beautiful chandelier increases the feeling of luxury and can help your master suite feel like a spa.

3. Mosaic Tile

There are numerous colours and shapes of mosaic tile available so you can find something to fit your unique style. Mosaic tile works well for backsplashes and inset designs. You can also consider using mosaic tile for your shower walls or as a focal point behind the range in your kitchen.

4. Under-Cabinet Lighting

Adequate lighting is essential for a room to feel comfortable. Adding under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen makes it easier to see the countertops, increasing functionality. It’s also a great night-lighting option that adds just enough illumination without making the space feel too bright. Many under-cabinet lighting options use LEDs, so they are extremely energy-efficient.

5. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has come a long way in recent years, and many styles are nearly indistinguishable from natural stone or hardwood. Laminate is also extremely durable and easy to install, so it could be the right flooring choice for your home.

6. Complementary Neutrals

If the idea of an accent colour isn’t for you, consider choosing paint, trim, and fixtures in complementary neutral shades. Gray, beige, and cream can work well together and serve as a calming backdrop for fixtures with similar finishes, including satin nickel and oiled bronze.

7. Antique-Look Appliances

Are you thinking about a country or farmhouse look in your kitchen, rather than something on the more modern end of the spectrum? If so, you may want to complete the look with appliances designed to look like antiques. You can find refrigerators, ranges, and even dishwashers that have all the functionality of modern equipment in a traditional or antique design.

8. Shower Upgrades

Sometimes you just want a quick project you can complete in a weekend. In this case, think about upgrading to a customizable shower head or adding a sound system to your shower.

9. Quartz Countertops

Do you want something different than the ubiquitous granite countertop? Consider choosing quartz, which is durable and sturdy like granite but with a completely unique appearance.

10. Storage Solutions

One of the most important aspects of kitchen and bathroom design is the functionality of the equipment. Adding customized storage solutions to your drawers and cabinets can ensure an area that is efficient and easy-to-use.

When you are planning a home improvement project, it’s essential to choose equipment and finishes that will fit well with your own sense of style. You also want to make upgrades that will significantly improve your quality of life and help you enjoy your home even more. Consider choosing a color scheme that fits your preference, whether that means complementary neutrals or a bright accent wall. You can also choose cabinet storage solutions and under-cabinet lighting to ensure your kitchen and bathroom will be functional and attractive for years to come.

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