Why Blackout curtains are effective for light and temperature control

by | Nov 26, 2021 | Design

Blackout curtains, in addition to their standard use of light control also have many advantages in temperature control. Also as a standard are beautiful window treatments that many homes still seek with their perfect fusion of the traditional and the contemporary. They give an elegant and classy atmosphere. These are the reasons why blackout curtains are more advantageous than blackout curtains to beat the heat.

Direct Fabrics will teach you why blackout curtains are effective for temperature control among many other benefits.

Why opaque curtains are effective for temperature control.

  1. They use thicker and thermal fabric

Hotel curtain fabrics are used which can be a cotton or polyester mix and is a material that is commonly used in curtains around the world due to its obvious advantages in noise cancellation and heat resistance. It is made by adding small strands of glass to insulating materials. In addition to cotton, suede, silk, polyester, wool, other materials can be used to create blackout curtains. With all of these materials in place, curtains can be extremely effective in not only keeping your interior cool and cozy, but also keeping your high electricity costs at bay.

  • You don’t need any additional layer of material

Even in the curtains that darken the room, there is a good chance that a certain amount of light will pass through, which could make it difficult to enjoy a peaceful sleep if you are a third-shift worker or have returned home after a long and exhausting journey.. Instead of adding another layer of fabric between the curtains, it is better to replace your old curtains with blackout curtains in the room with a blackout fabric, which guarantees 100% darkness.

Direct Fabrics has a huge range of blackout fabrics that are used by many hotels across the UK and the world. The blackout curtains have a 3 pass coating which means that the holes in the fabric weave. As the fabric has been sealed it stops light passing through and also provides thermal benefits.

  • Blackout curtains are good for security and privacy.

Sometimes we might have uninvited guests or neighbors who would like to take a look inside our home. Blackout curtains can be helpful in warding off these “gossips” who peek too close for comfort. When they are drawn all the way, the interiors are not visible to strangers at all. This stops the home owner or hotel resident feeling like they are in a fish bowel.

  • Control the desired sunlight.

Whenever you want some natural sunlight indoors, just open them partially or fully. There is always that option available to you. The fabric stops the light so you can open the curtains accordingly to ensure the right amount of light is entering the space.

Blackout curtains, good choice for privacy and temperature control.

In short, custom blackout curtains are the right option if you want 100% privacy and solar control. While blackout curtains do their job well enough to protect us from heat, light, and sound, blackout curtains go one step further with their 100% blackout levels. Without a doubt, they are more effective in that sense and your ideal choice. 

You already know why blackout curtains are effective for temperature control. Now it’s time to choose which fabric and colour you like the most. We invite you to visit Direct Fabrics and choose from our wide range.

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