What to Choose: Curtains or Blinds?

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Design

In the home improvement aspect, blinds are often compared with curtains on which is the better option for your home. The answer to this depends primarily on what your priority is, whether it’s cost, ambiance, or another aspect entirely. While they have similar functions, the difference lies in their advantages and disadvantages. While curtains are the more cost-efficient option, blinds encourage that specific ambiance for your home, especially if you’re trying to achieve a modern hotel look. In this article, we’ll be talking about the certain differences between curtains and blinds, and which one is better for your home.

  1. Interior

Curtains offer a wider range of texture and color, which is why curtains are the more popular choice between the two. There is always a curtain for your specific taste and preference, whether it’s modern, vintage, or contemporary. Curtains also come with different thicknesses, so you can choose their ability to block the sunlight effectively. Blinds, on the other hand, give your home a simple yet classic look. You don’t have much to choose from with blinds compared to curtains, which is great if you’re particularly indecisive. If you’re looking to buy blinds for your windows, Essex Blinds can give you the variety of options you need.

  1. Cost

We’ve already mentioned above that curtains are the cheaper option compared to blinds, but we’ll expound on this further. Soft fabrics are generally cheaper than wood or fabric and this is the premise of why curtains are the cheaper option. There is also more work executed in making binds, so that’s another factor to put into consideration why it’s more expensive.

  1. Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining curtains are generally more low-maintenance than blinds. It’s also less time-consuming and takes less of an effort, especially when you can clean curtains just by dry cleaning them or through the washing machine. Dust is easily collected with blinds, especially when you live in a location prone to dust.

  1. Light control

The very purpose of choosing between curtains and blinds is blocking out sunlight, which is why this aspect is the deciding factor for most individuals who choose to get window covers. Curtains, specifically blackout curtains, do the trick in covering the light effectively than blinds. However, the only disadvantage is you can’t adjust or control the amount of light that comes in with curtains – you can only do that with blinds. If you tend to fluctuate on the amount of light you want to enter your home, blinds are a great option to do exactly that.

In conclusion, I hope this article was able to shed insight into giving you a concrete difference between blinds and curtains, There is more good than bad when it comes to curtains, which is why it’s the more suitable choice for the majority of homes. You should only choose blinds if you want the proper control and adjustment of light that enters your home. Otherwise, curtains win in all aspects, whether that’s in ambiance, cost, or maintenance.

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