The Most Unusual Houses from around the World

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Design

People have different ways in which they express themselves. While some do this through paintings, poems, music, or hobbies like playing slots online in UK, architects prefer expressing themselves through their house plans. Designing a great house is no mean feat, hence it’s commendable when an architect comes up with a masterpiece. That’s why there are many houses in the world that aren’t just habitable but also stand out due to their unusual appearances. Here is a look at some of the most unusual houses you’ll find worldwide.

1. Dick Clark’s Flintstones Inspired Home, USA

Located in California USA, this house was inspired by the house belonging to the cave-dwelling Flintstones family from the popular 60s cartoon TV show. Everything about the house is bound to attract attention. The single-storey exterior looks like it is a rocky outcrop and blends into its surroundings. The windows are designed to look like irregular holes in the rock. When it comes to the interior, the house offers an open plan design with one bedroom, two bathrooms, kitchen, dining and living areas all with the same rough-hewn, beige rock appearance,

2. Stone House, Portugal

Portugal is where you’ll find the Stone House, one of the strangest houses on the planet. Built in 1972, this two-storey structure stands amidst four big stones thus attracting the attention of curious travellers. The ground floor includes a tiny kitchen and a living room that is furnished with a rustic wooden sofa. The top floor features the sleeping area. Furthermore, each room bears a different shape, inspired by particular geometric features of the rocks surrounding the house.

3. Nautilus Giant Seashell House, Mexico City

Have you ever imagined the feeling of living in a seashell, the way crabs do? Well, it is the feeling one gets when inside this seashell-shaped house located in Mexico City. The house was built in 2016 by Javier Senosiain and is inspired by the Nautilus seashell. However, the exterior was stylized a little and its shape slightly modified to result in an amazing architectural masterpiece. Besides the shape, another attractive feature of the house is its wonderful walls that contain coloured mosaics that tend to bring out an exquisite rainbow effect.

4. Upside Down House, Germany

Built as a tourist attraction, this house in Germany allows visitors to see the world from different perspectives. It was designed by Polish architects, Sebastian Mikiciuk and Klaudiusz Golosis as part of a project known as the “World Upside Down.” In fact, everything about the house is upside down. The exterior features an upside-down wheelbarrow, bicycle and bench. Once inside, the situation is the same starting with the sofas, potted plants, kitchen furniture and paintings. The only thing that is not flipped over in this house is the staircase that leads to the attic.

5. Transparent House, Japan

If you are a fan of natural light in your house, this house in Tokyo, Japan is for you. It is totally transparent, so plenty of sunlight, but zero privacy. The house was built by Sou Fujimoto who drew inspiration from ancestral inhabitants who erected their houses on trees. The design of this house is ultra-modern and unique with the walls made exclusively of clear glass. Additionally, it is sub-divided into several levels, with each connected to the other by fine stairs. Inside the house are bookshelves and other furniture pieces made of birch.

6. Gue(ho)st House, France

Located within the vicinity of the Contemporary Art Centre in Delme France, is a weird ghostly building. It’s known as the Gue(ho)st House, a tourist attraction and gallery that was designed by Marie Péjus and Christophe Berdaguer. The house’s exterior mirrors its former functions as a school, prison, and funeral home. Additionally, the walls are covered with white polystyrene blocks hence making it appear chunky. Combine this with the polyurethane resin that seems to drip onto the ground and a ghostly appearance is achieved. The building’s name is derived from the word “Guest” and “Host”.


As you can now see, a creative mind can transform how we perceive the simplest things such as a house. While some architects design houses that are meant to meet their most basic sheltering needs, others use their designs to make a statement. Apart from the aforementioned unusual houses, other weird houses include Skateboard House (USA), The Keret House (Poland) and The Hobbit House (Wales). Each of these unusual structures is memorable and unique in its own way.

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