The First 6 Pieces Of Furniture You Should Invest In When Moving Into A New Home

by | Jan 23, 2022 | Design

There are some staple items of furniture that everyone should invest in when they first set up in a new house. It is important to look for quality and avoid leaving the furniture selection to the last minute. Put careful thought into what you choose and ensure that it suits your style and requirements. 

If you’re moving with a partner, then it is important to discuss what you both want out of the furniture you choose. It’s also best to choose furniture that will stand the test of time to reduce waste and save you money. 

Bed And Bedside Tables

A bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture you’ll need in your new home. It is a good idea to ensure your bed will be delivered the same day you move in so that you can avoid having to camp out for the first nights. Bedside tables are another essential element for the bedroom to have all the things you need each morning and throughout the night. You could choose a full matching set or mix and match items to create an eclectic look. 

TV Stand

Somewhere to put your TV and media can be beneficial. While the first days in your new home will likely be filled with organising and decorating, you will have some downtime too, so having your TV set up and ready to go will be invaluable. Choose a TV stand with plenty of space for you to keep any games consoles, DVDs, and CDs. 

Sofa And Chairs

Choosing the right sofa and chairs can make all the difference to your comfort in your new home. You will need to find seating that gives you the best support and something that will last. Ensuring you have the correct measurements for your new living room can be beneficial to making the right choice. Choosing a sofa and chairs in a quality, timeless material like leather can be a great option. You can find plenty of inspiration from the leather experts at

Dining Table And Chairs

You will need somewhere to sit and eat in your new home. Finding the right dining table and chairs can be beneficial to your comfort in the early days after moving in. Consider how many people you’re likely to have dining in your home regularly and the size of your dining room or area to make the right choice. 

Wardrobe And Drawers

Storage space is crucial for your bedroom. It is a good idea to get clothes storage delivered as soon as possible, to avoid your clothes staying packed up for too long. Choose a wardrobe and chest of drawers that give you enough space for all of your belongings to avoid starting out in your new home with clutter. 

Coffee Table

A coffee table is a simple addition to your living room, but it is a crucial one. You should ensure you have one ready for your move-in day. Find one that you can place drinks on, but that doesn’t take up too much space in the room.

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