Should You Add an Annexe to Your Home?

by | Jul 14, 2021 | Design

When you buy a property, you often don’t think about how you are going to grow and potentially outgrow a space. Many reach a point where they need a little extra space, but don’t want to move to a new home entirely. A good solution can often be to build an annexe. Could this be the right choice for your home? Here are some of the factors that you should consider when deciding whether an annexe is the right addition to your home.

Renting? Double Check What You are Allowed to Do!

If you are renting your property, you might automatically think that you are not going to be able to add any sort of extra structure to your home. However, you might find that this is not the case! It might be easier than you think to add some extra space to your home, even if you live in a rumah sewa Puchong!

Double-check your rental agreement to see what you are going to be able to add in. You might find that you are able to put up small structures like sheds in a garden or outdoor space. This will give you an extra room to make use of, and it will be completely legal to do so!

Make sure that you do double-check whether or not this will be allowed before you put anything up. You don’t want to get in trouble with your landlord by accident.

Homeowners, Get the Right Permissions!

You still need to make a couple of checks even if you own the land that the annexe will be built on. There might be building permits and other licenses that you need to apply for before construction can begin. It is important that you take the time to look for such permits so you are not caught unawares by a fine or other legal troubles. Construction laws do tend to be quite strict, and things could result in you losing the structure that you have spent so long working on.

Of course, much of this will depend on the type of structure you intend to construct for the annexe. You might want to just use a very basic structure that is little more than a shed. This is unlikely to need any permissions to construct – though you should still double-check! For anything more permanent, such as a new outbuilding or an extension to your existing property, you are likely to need some sort of planning permission.

Purpose of the Annexe

When constructing the annexe, you should have a use of the room in mind. You are no doubt putting it up primarily because you want a little more space. However, you should have a little more of an idea as to how you want to use the space, as this will allow you to add in facilities and utilities as you go.

For example, is this going to be a workspace for someone in your household? Many people choose to work from home now, and they need a quiet space to do so. Such an annexe should be quiet and comfortable, and will need equipment and a good Wi-Fi connection.

Of course, you could also want to turn the annexe into some sort of living space. Whether you are caring for an older relative and want them to have their own private space in your home or you are considering renting it out for short-term lets to holidaymakers and tourists, you need to ensure that this is a comfortable space with all the amenities they need.


It is important to bear the cost of building an annexe in mind. Things can quickly add up, especially if you are extending your property. Having a contingency fund to hand means that you should have some extra money to spare, just in case you might need it.

Constructing a good-quality annexe is a must regardless of what you might need it for. Take the time to source high-quality materials to use, no matter how big or small your budget might be. There is something to suit every price point. The same approach can be taken when decorating the annexe. Create a budget for the project and try to stick to it as closely as you can.

Adding an annexe to your home is a fantastic way to add a little more space to your home – but you do need to make sure that you do it right. There is no point in putting up a substandard space. Take the time to create a beautiful annexe no matter what purpose you might have in mind for it. With the right planning and close attention to your budget, you should be able to create an annexe that meets your needs perfectly.

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