Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for 2018

by | Jul 10, 2018 | Design, Home

Is it time to revamp your kitchen? Maybe modern design is the new style you should feature in your home. Read this blog for some stunning modern kitchen design ideas.

Now we’re speeding through the half way mark of the year, have you thought about re-designing your kitchen? Summer is the perfect time to re-design, because whilst your kitchen is being revamped, you can utilise your garden and make the most of the weather! It’s the perfect time to think about re-doing your kitchen.

Thinking about re-designing? We’ve got plenty of modern kitchen design ideas, to inspire your new look. All of these ideas are 2018 trends, so you’ll be able to make your kitchen over in style. Here’s the top 7 modern kitchen design trends for 2018.

  1. The Return of the Handle

For many years, modern kitchens have strived to be simpler, feel easier and look cleaner. Therefore, for many years handles were omitted from the units, cabinets and drawers of modern kitchens. But 2018 has seen them brought back, with a bang. Now, more and more people want handles in their new kitchen.

  1. Bold, Soft and Natural

We’re talking all things colour in this post. Yes, there are many current trends in kitchen design this year. From bold statement colours, like yellows, reds and hues of blue, to simpler and softer colours – like pastel tones. Both of these designs work separately, and together (if done right). Another feature cropping up in the modern kitchens of 2018 are natural wood tones paired with golden accents. We saw the copper trend take off in 2017, but through 2018, we’ve been seeing more and more kitchens utilise gold accenting as a feature.

  1. Industry and Metal

Industrial looks have always been prominent in modern kitchen design. But for 2018, it goes to the extreme. More and more kitchens are featuring concrete-esque finishes and/or colours, from featured walls to cabinets, the rise of industrial looks can effortlessly make over a kitchen to give it a modern vibe. We’ve been seeing more and more mixed metals appearing in homes. 2017, was copper but 2018 brings gold and more brasses to the heart of the home. Some opt for a different effect on the finishing of metallic surfaces, called patina – defined as a unique sheen produced by aging. Metals and industrial feels have crept in to 2018’s kitchen design – are you going to feature these in your new home?

  1. Natural Faux Elements

Contrasting the industrial modern styles, the kitchens of 2018 are now looking at using natural materials. Yes, we’ve mentioned wood, but these new designs are incorporating stones, including marble, into the modern kitchen designs of 2018 – however, we’re talking real marble and stone. More and more kitchens are bringing in faux stone into their kitchen. Why? Because they look good, are extremely durable whilst costing a lot less – wins all around. Consider using marble and stone in your home to truly achieve a modern look, using faux materials to keep the costs down.

5. Smart Features

Now you can fully shout at a personal assistant to turn music on, tech on the home is on the up. With it, comes new toys for your kitchen. Boiling water taps, app-controlled lighting and WIFI enabled appliances, you can practically cook your dinner from the sofa in 2018 (although, we don’t recommend trying it). More and more tech pieces are moving from ‘the future’ into the kitchens of now, to make the overall experience a lot easier. In 2018, it’s become popular to have more than one oven, for those days where you have a lot of cooking to do. The future is here in the kitchens of 2018

6. Invisible Lighting

Long gone are the days of a single light in your kitchen. Throughout the 21st century, we’ve seen the introduction of directional lighting to set moods and make working in the kitchen easier. But now, 2018 brings these lights into the kitchen – but in a sneaky way. The modern kitchen design ideas of 2018 feature concealed lighting to brighten the room. Lights, such as LED strips, illuminate otherwise darker surfaces, expanding the feel of your kitchen. In kitchen design, brighter means bigger.

7. Green Walls

This time we’re not talking colour. Having a green wall in your kitchen actually means bringing the natural plant world, into your home. Yes, these mounted feature walls have vines and beautiful greenery dangling down. These literal living walls are a great addition to any home. Plants oxygenate a room, as well as make an excellent talking point for your guests.

If you’re thinking of re-designing your kitchen, make sure your designer incorporates these trends. These modern kitchen design ideas are not only beautiful but help your space work better for you. So, you can enjoy your time in the kitchen, whether it’s cooking or just relaxing with friends and family, your kitchen will be trendy and stylish with these 2018 design ideas.

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