How To Design A Wonderful Home Office

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Design, Home

For so many it is wonderful to work from home but this is practically impossible without a great workspace. Creating a home office is not at all easy but there are things that you can do in order to make everything simpler. Here are some great ideas you do want to take into account as you design your home office.

Look For Inspiration

Inspiration is definitely something we all need but you should keep in mind that your home office should give you all that you need in order to accommodate a full work week. For instance, the upholstered dining chairs look wonderful in some images but they are not going to offer the back support you surely need. The smaller vintage desks will not accommodate project files.

Don’t Forget About Ergonomic Rules

One of the really important things you have to remember is that computer screen top has to be exactly at eye level. When you scan the screen, eye lids naturally moisten and close a bit. Position the keyboard in order to have forearms in a parallel position to your floor. Also, adjust chairs so that they can offer a really comfortable sitting position. If there is one thing that you absolutely have to never neglect is the chair you buy. You can find a wonderful deal on a refurbished iMac and be miserable using it if you are not comfortable as you sit in the chair.

Natural Light Should Be Embraced

As you add a brand new desk you tend to put it right up against the wall, all in a dark room corner. You basically recreate a corporate cubicle. Since you now work from home you do not want to be faced with such a problem. You should move the desk closer to your windows, being parallel to panes. We can say that this is an ideal set-up as it allows you to gain benefits offered by natural light.

Lamps Are Important

Although natural light is wonderful, extra lighting will be needed for when you work late into the night, which is one thing that you so often have to deal with as a freelancer. Many overhead house lighting options are inadequate when working. It is a much better idea to add table lamps as they offer good design possibilities and a softer glow that is more suitable for working in your home office.

Don’t Forget About Storage

You do not really want to use filing cabinets, but you surely need some place to put papers. In home offices you often struggle because paper ends up being present everywhere. When you need storage, you want to think about wall storage, library-style shelves and magazine racks.

In the event you need to use book cases, try to find those that are big but that do not overstuff the home office. You should also find something that is artful so you create a wonderful backdrop for the video conferences. Adding a closet is common but you want to trick that out by using shelving systems.

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