Five Simple Ways to Transform Your Bedroom

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Design

In with the new and out with the old- If that’s what you believe in too then let’s get started with transforming your dull & boring bedroom into a fascinating one.

Well, the bitter truth be told that it is not gonna be as easy as it sounds. Look around carefully and ask yourself honestly: is your current bedroom cosy & peaceful or is it a plain mess? A lot of people believe that in order to transform a bedroom, they might have to spend a fortune, but that is so not true!!

You just need to play a little with those textures, paints, lighting and furniture for a dreamy outcome. After all, it’s all in the details! This Spring, make your bedroom stand out with our super-simple bedroom makeover tips.

1-Get The Right Pieces!

First things first, choosing the right pieces of furniture is the key to transform any boring bedroom into an amazing one. You need to have a balance of both contemporary and functional. Such simple things impact the most and liven up the entire bedroom aura. Stuffing your bedroom with lots of furniture is never a good idea.

You can maybe make a list of all the furniture that you practically need and get rid of the pieces that you deem useless. After the major cleanup, if you still have an empty corner left get yourself a pretty accent chair. It will add just the right flair and pop of colour to your bedroom. You can pick up an old ugly chair from any thrift store, get the upholstery changed and voila the showstopper of your bedroom is ready to steal the limelight all that under $200.

2-Pick a Theme

Whenever you’re looking to transform a bedroom, it is always suggested to pick a theme. Something you like, love and would like yourself to be surrounded with. Initially, it could be just some colours, character, a music band etc. Other than that, you could simply pick one of the basic themes such as Countryside, Vintage, Monochrome- the choices are endless.

3-Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall!

The easiest way for any bedroom makeover involves a mirror. You know why? Because just one statement mirror will make your bedroom space appear larger than ever. It could simply be one large mirror above your vanity/dresser or simply a cluster of small and lovely mirrors put up aesthetically to reflect natural light.

4- Light It Up!

Do you know that lighting helps set the proper mood and vibe of any bedroom space? That’s why you’re bound to replace the old boring wall sconces with modern ones. Also, if you’re a stay-up-late-night kinda person then get a chic tabletop lamp for your midnight reads and munching of course. Something that casts a warm glow good enough to illuminate your side without affecting your partner’s sleep.


This one’s very basic- decluttering the space is much-needed for an ultimate transformation. Go through all the stuff you’ve been hoarding for the past few years and figure out if you’ll ever be using them soon or not. The next step is to make separate piles of useful and non-useful items.

If your bedroom has turned into a dumping room for laundry and miscellaneous stuff then sort that out too. Get rid of clothes that you no longer fit in. You can also pack away the clothes you won’t be needing in the current season. This will help free up a lot of space. Invest in shoes, clothes and accessories organisers.

6-Add a textured Rug

To highlight the floor space, you can always invest in a lovely textured area rug. Choose such colours and patterns that bring life to the overall bedroom.  Having an area rug gives an inviting vibe to sit, read or indulge in games with friends & family.

7-Fill The Walls

Bid goodbye to empty boring walls and fill them up with anything that vibes with your bedroom. One great idea is to get your favourite motivational quotes framed and hung up on the wall. You can also put up family pictures, some really great pieces of art or anything nostalgic that makes your bedroom a peaceful retreat for you. After all, it is the only place in the house for unwinding and relaxing.

Another option is to add a statement wallpaper on the wall behind the bed- it does leave a great impact and lifts up the overall bedroom look.

8-Get Some Succulents

Lastly, succulents are always a great addition to any bedroom. They exist to create the perfect calming atmosphere and make the bedroom appear aesthetically pleasing. Some houseplants are also known for purifying the air while you enjoy your sleep!

Now that we have shared the easiest hacks of bedroom transformation, it is now on you how creative you get with livening up your bedroom space.

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