Easy Lighting Tips That Will Make Your Small Home Feel Huge

by | Jul 19, 2018 | Design

Back in April 2018, a survey conducted by LABC Warranty revealed that living rooms around the UK have shrunk by almost a third since the 1970s. The average number of bedrooms, the size of the main bedroom and even the kitchen spaces have shrunk, too, meaning that if you buy a new build from a big property developer rather than an older house, chances are you’ll actually have less space. 

That said, this is by no means a bad thing. Small, cosy homes, Scandi, minimalist apartments and even cabins are trendier than they’ve ever been. Plus, there are now plenty of interior design tricks that can make even the smallest of spaces look and feel bigger. One of the most important factors to consider is lighting, which can have a huge impact on the sense of size and space. So, here are some quick lighting tips to help any small-home owner turn any little space into a light-filled sanctum. 

1. The More the Better

Gone are the days of relying on one light source from the centre of your ceiling, instead you need multiple light sources to ensure every inch of your home is opened up when you flip that light switch. Floor lamps are great for placing in corners or behind bigger furniture pieces like sofas, while table lamps can go on any surfaces that the ceiling light does not reach. Wall lights are incredibly important, too, as there are bound to be plenty of corners and alcoves that need lighting just as much as the main floor. If you can get your hands on recessed spotlights they will fix this problem in no time. 

The idea of filling youhttp://www.lights.co.uk/marco-alu-recessed-spotlights-with-led-3-pack.htmlr home with all different lights may seem daunting, especially if you’re on a budget, but there’s no need to buy the most expensive lamps and spotlights on the market. Instead, you can research online at places like lights.co.uk where there are over 30,000 different lighting options to find everything you need for a reasonable price. High street shops like ASDA Living and Next also offer plenty of different lighting options for an affordable price, so you can layer your lighting without breaking the bank. 

2. Optical Illusions 

After filling every nook and cranny with pools of light, the most common interior design trick that professions use to create the illusion of more room is to utilise the vertical space as well as the horizontal space. While the footprint of your home may be small, chances are there’s still a reasonably high ceiling to play with. Take advantage of this by installing high furniture, high shelves and long pendant lights that hang from the ceiling. You may also want to purchase tall floor and table lamps with thin stands and small lampshades to really boost the optical illusion. This combo will make your room seem tall and proud.

3. Get Glass

No interior design trick is more classic than the idea of using glass to open up a room. Mirrors make a room look instantly larger, while glass furniture and light fixtures really open up a room by removing any visual barriers. Really, it’s that simple that’s all we really have to say!

Let us know if you have any tips and tricks to make a small home or cabin feel bigger by using lighting, we’d love to hear your ideas! 

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