Design Changes That Make A Big Impact In The Home

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Design, Home

There’s much to consider when renovating or decorating a home. Everyone has their own style and obviously, each individual project will have a different budget depending on who is carrying out the work. Fitted bedroom, bathroom and kitchen specialists DMDesign takes a close look at some of the little changes that can make a big difference to your home. There’s plenty of little tricks which can be employed, many not costing the earth in any way.


Recycling what you’ve already got is a great way to create decorative items to improve your home’s interior. Turn jam jars into candle holders and vases, use a pile or use candles to decorate an empty fireplace. Definitely check what you’ve got at your disposal before buying anything


Layers add an extra element of luxury to your home. Whether it’s in the bedroom with layers of blankets, throws and cushions, or rugs and furniture in other rooms, layering is a great way to achieve a new and fresh look.

Change the colour

Changing the colours of the doors throughout your home from white to black is a great way to change the dynamic of the home. If you are limited for space, paint the outer-edges for an extreme 3D effect.

Fresh plants

Growing fresh herbs in the kitchen, or having potted plants in your home, brings your interior up-to-date, and is a very fresh and affordable addition. Have fun by mixing up plant pots between vintage and classic around your home.


Create an illusion of more space with the addition of mirrors throughout your home. The mirrors will amplify any light from the windows and lights and make everything brighter and more spacious. Also, place lamps in front of mirrors to amplify the effect.

Bringing the outdoors indoors

This trend is very popular right now, with live plants becoming a prominent feature in the home. Jump on the trend with a green, plant-based feature wall. It can be achieved through printed wallpaper or maybe add shelving to hold a selection of potted plants.


Apply custom stickers directly to your wall to give you an almost instant feature wall. They come in all varieties, from beautiful trees, words and mottos, to more quirky pieces. They’re a good choice for children’s bedrooms, with playful designs available to please children.


Use a variety of photo frames across a single wall to make a feature of your images. It’s important to remember that the frames are just as important as what goes in them. Decide what you want to frame, then you have the choice: choose the same size and arrange in an ordered.

Wall mural

An excellent result can be achieved if you choose a large, blown-up image for your feature wall. It could be  a photo that you love, a landscape  or a design you’ve chosen something from the wallpaper provider. A photo-based wall mural can transform a room into something very personal.

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