A Unique Wardrobe: How to Personalise Your Look

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Design

Most people follow the latest in fashion and get the appropriate outfits per trend. Fashion changes quickly, and you may have a difficult time keeping up. However, there are still classics that never go out of date. These clothes are timeless and are looked to as the basics that will always be around, no matter what the newest trend may be.

When it comes to fashion, one thing to keep in mind is that what suits one may not look good on another. From body shape to age, many factors determine whether fashionable attire is suitable for you or not. Thus, it is best to come up with your statement and display your unique personality with what you wear. The colours you combine, the cut, the accessories you add are all you and no one else. You can have your choice of quality clothing material from dalstonmillfabrics.co.uk and create your uniquely designed outfit.

Personalize your look with these ideas.

Gather your wardrobe

As mentioned earlier, every wardrobe must have the basics, those classics that don’t go away, and those that complement many other pieces. Jeans, black skirts, and white tees are some basics that you can dress up or down, depending on where you are. They can be accessorized or matched with other clothes for a varied look. Make sure that you have them because they are versatile and easily matched with other clothes you want to purchase. They can also create the statement you want, according to how you carry the attire.

Get clothes that flatter your figure

You know what your body shape is and should wear the kind of clothes that flatter your figure. Avoid wearing something just because it is trendy. Look at yourself in the mirror and see if you are happy with the reflection. If not, go for something that enhances your assets instead. Being fashionable is all good, but your first consideration is if it suits you and your personality. Make your outfit bring out the best in you so you feel confident anywhere you go.

Learn the art of accessorizing

Accessories are wonderful because they are not only a reflection of your personality but can transform one outfit into several looks. Your white tees and jeans look casual and easy with hoop earrings, chunky bracelets, and a leather belt. Replace those accessories with pearls or layered necklaces, thin silver and gold bangles, and black heels, and you are ready for a date with someone special. Sort through your accessories and find fun ways to make them enhance your attire.

Be a practical shopper

When you shop for new clothes, don’t jump in at the first outfit that catches your eye. It doesn’t hurt to try it on and look at yourself. Pick out clothes that you also think can match what you have at home. It is a practical way of looking different each time while wearing what you used to, except combined with something else.

Personalizing your look means being unique. The clothes you are most comfortable in are those that show off your personality. These are outfits that no one else can carry as confidently as you.

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