8 Ideas to Upgrade Your Main Bedroom

by | Jun 18, 2021 | Design

The main bedroom is a place you should enjoy resetting, relaxing, and romancing. Thus, you need to make sure it looks the part. Start by looking for fresh inspiration for your main bedroom. Search through bear mattress reviews to get the right mattress for your new look. Also, check out color palette ideas, some styling options, if you want to have a complete overhaul. You can start your project when you know what you want. In this article, are some main bedroom ideas that speak to your style for your bedroom upgrade.

  1. Choose a stylish headboard

When you seek to upgrade your main bedroom, get rid of your old headboard and opt for a stylish one. For instance, go for an upholstered headboard with a wide frame for they bring more fabric into the bedroom. Also, they enable integration with eclectics. Through choosing such a headboard, it is an extra reason to use color without having it take a huge space. Plus, remember your bed is the bedrooms’ focal point, you need a headboard that fits in and stands out.

2. Liven up the walls 

It may seem like a daunting task having to wallpaper your whole bedroom. However, you can choose a more understated print and opt for a tight color story, to ensure it is not overwhelming. Take note, if you like mixing vintage pieces. For instance, if you use contemporary bedding it gives a second life to the retro-inspired accents you have like a clock or wall sconces. Using sconces also come in handy in freeing up some room on the side table.

3. Make it timeless

If you want to create a main bedroom full of personality. You need to make it look timeless, that is classic and understated. Give your room some character with colorful accents, shrunken photo pieces, and curved furniture. Also, instead of having the white go-to shade most bedrooms have, feature a light gray on your walls. It is a welcoming, unique and timeless color.

4. Go minimal 

If you have exposed beams in your main bedroom. Style your room in a way you still can view them as you lay in bed. Choose to go minimal, for less is more if you want to achieve a sophisticated look for your bedroom. Make your room feel bigger by installing tall four-post bed stretches. Use dark linens in such a space to give an easy elegant finish to it and at the same time keep things grounded and earthy.

5. Set up a sitting area 

If you love a neutral bedroom, make an impression with layers of different materials and textures. After setting up a small sitting area you can hang out in when you are sleeping. Look at it as a bonus and a more private living room space for you. Complete with a coffee table, all sofa and accent chair. Get inspiration from designers on how you can incorporate a sitting area in your room.

6. Add a luxe carpet and a reading nook 

A glowing carpet will make the whole room feel more luxe. People feel like it may overwhelm the eye and throw off other colored pieces but balance it properly. This is a great addition to a rather boring bedroom space. Also, introducing a reading nook is a win for you if you love reading in a silent cozy space. Choose a built-in nook for style and to make your space feel more personalized.

7. Experiment with layouts

Leave out expected layouts and experiment with the new versions. You may be surprised something less identical will be better for your space. For instance, if your main bedroom uses a floating bed, choose a bedside table that helps separate the two of them into separate time zones, and if there is space, create a bonus sitting area for a lovely layout.

8. Go all out 

You can start with thinking big with art. Choose a sizeable artwork above the bed, especially if you have a headboard with a low profile. If you don’t have large artworks, try creating a gallery wall display. Also, you can go bold with colors. For instance, black and white carpeting and drapes are a perfect blend and eye-catching artwork.

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