7 Modern Bedroom Wardrobe Color Combinations

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Design

Speak about the bedroom wardrobe and the first thing to cross your mind would be spacious and convenient. While our bedroom has four walls, one of them remains covered in the wardrobe only. Thus, apart from functionality, the aesthetics and color combination of the fitted wardrobes are also important.

Out-of-the-box wardrobe color combinations

In most cases, we see that the wardrobes are carved from wood or given wooden hues. But there is no reason to stick to this monotony. Here are some awesome color combinations to satisfy your creativity while leveling up your bedroom space.

1. Smokey grey with shades of blue

Blue is perhaps the favorite of many and the umpteen shades of blue give you the chance to be as playful as possible. How about conjuring up a wardrobe decor by combining indigo blue with light smoky grey? Or if you want to create the ambiance of a sea beach, you can choose a combination of cerulean blue with dark smoky grey. Both these combinations will look good in a wardrobe with a reflective glass finish.

2. Black and white

The eternal favorite of many, the yin and yang of the world of colors can be your perfect choice for fitted wardrobes in London. While some may feel that black-and-white is too old-fashioned to be incorporated into a modern decor, it would look surprisingly elegant in your bedroom.

3. The classic wooden texture

Fitted wardrobes that run from the ceiling to the floor can sport the warmth of wooden texture with ease. What’s more, is that you can insert a large mirror in any of the partitions to add glamour with functionality. If you wish to be a bit playful here, you can mix and match with colors like cream, red, and black.

4. Sunshine and yellow

Willing to bring in the cheer of sunshine in your fitted wardrobes? How about painting them with the warmth and exuberance of the sun? You can either choose to paint the whole wardrobe yellow or include various shades of yellow like creme, ochre, dandelion, and gold.

5. Paint your childhood

When we think of designing a modern wardrobe, we rule out the need of designing the same for our children’s room. Your children will absolutely love the idea of having life-size Disney or Marvel characters painted on the blocks of the wardrobe. It will not only complete the decor of the room but also make the entire room lively.

6. A bright design and color duo

When your wardrobe panels cover the lion’s share of the bedroom, you should design it in such a way that it becomes the interior decor of the room. For instance, you can have flashy colors like red or purple combined with a tinge of yellow or white. When you opt to do this, make sure that you choose a color that goes well with the rest of your home.

7. Translucent shutters against a dark shade

A shift from the colored laminates, translucent shutters made of acrylic can serve to be a viable alternative. These shutters are very sleek and work well with minimalistic designs and dark colors like shades of brown, blue, black, or green. Another advantage is that you will always have to keep the insides of the wardrobe appear good.

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