Hygge, the secret of Scandinavian happiness

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Hygge, an exclusive Scandinavian concept everyone envies.

Everyone who has visited one of the Scandinavians countries has noticed the famous hygge. A concept the rest of the world tries to translate as “cozy”, “familiar”, “lovable” or “warm”. For Scandinavians, it does not require explanation: it is appreciating the peace behind a cup coffee reading a book or a nice chat in front of the fire.

It is believed that the practice of hygge is related with the fact that some of the Scandinavian countries such as Denmark and Norway have been several times the happiest countries in the world according to the UN world happiness report. And there is more: anyone who knows anything about the design and architecture in the XX century will know that most of the great ideas were born in Scandinavia.

Have you ever wondered why happiness, beauty and well-being come together? ” Scandinavian countries have developed societies oriented to the welfare of the people, which they consider their most valuable asset; its design reflects this fact.” – says engineer Soren Petersen.

The main objective of Hygge is placing people and their welfare in the highest priority. And believe it or not, it is at home where hygge is lived more intensely. Basically, it involves surrounding yourself with everything that makes you happy.

Sara Lopez, international student living in Denmark has experienced hygge to the outmost as soon as she moved to Denmark, and she shares with us the objects that will help you to invoke hygge.

“During my first weeks in Denmark I barely noticed the Danish hygge, to be honest, I did not what it was. Until I started to work for Trendhim, a Danish fashion company of men’s accessories like men leather bracelets or earrings, that tries to implement hygge in everything they do, not only in their workplace but also in the accessories they sell. Since that moment, my house is full of hyggekrogs.”

1. Fireplace

Scandinavians winters are known for their low temperatures and the lack of sun light. Nights last around 16 hours and temperatures vary from -2 to 2 degrees. For this reason, comforting fireplaces are the best antidepressant.

2. Candles

Not everyone has the privilege of  enjoying a warm fireplace, however hygge can be approached in many different ways. Each Scandinavian consumes about 6 kilos of candle wax per year according to Meik Wiking, president of the Copenhagen Institute of Happiness and author of The Little Book of Hygge. Without candles, there is no hygge.

3.  Wooden floors

Most of Scandinavian houses have wooden floors, after all, there are the result of the tireless pursuit of comfort.

Wood helps them connect with nature, making them feel cozy and warm.

4. Books

Turn off the TV, brag a book, a cup of coffee, light a candle and go to your hyggekrog (comfortable corner).

5. Vintage

Objects are much more than just physical things. When they have a sentimental value, they make us feel more comfortable, and therefore, we can feel the hygge effects more deeply. Obviously, your house does not have to be full of vintage objects, that would be anti-hygge, but two or three vintage objects with a sentimental value, will bring hygge to your hyggekrog.

6. Blankets and pillows

Another fireplace replacement, blankets. Blankets protect us from being cold, make us feel warm and cozy. Meik Wiking, establishes that happiness is about enjoying the little things in life. Can you think of a better feeling than relaxing in your sofa with a cozy warm blanket? I do not think so.

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