Spring clean your office ready for the summer rush!

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Commercial

Is your office feeling a little lacking in motivation?

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to get organised. If your office is starting to feel a little dusty, you might need to do a little spring cleaning. Cleaning up your office can be a great way to get motivated for the summer rush. It’s not just about cleaning up, though. Tidy up your office to get rid of old and unused equipment, furniture, and supplies. Get rid of any old paperwork that’s been collecting dust in the corner of your office. Your office will look fresh and new, and it’ll be easier to keep organised throughout the summer.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of work you may have to do in your workspace, why not take it step by step? Create a list of everything you would like to get done in your office and take it one step at a time. Not only can a fresh, clean office leave you feeling better, but it can also improve and boost the morale and mood of your staff team, keep them safe from any hazards and ultimately keep your office running smoothly. 

Clear out your cupboards and archive your documents

It’s no secret that people are getting more and more interested in how to declutter their homes in an eco-friendly way. There’s no doubt that the same concept can be applied to the workplace, as well. As the excitement of starting a new job begins to wear off, you’ll start to notice that things are beginning to get messy. It’s not uncommon to start adding unnecessary items to your cupboards, which can lead to them being packed to the brim. This can be a problem for a number of reasons. Firstly, it can take time to find items you need, and secondly, it just looks untidy. At this point, it’s probably time to give your office a clear out.

Often, the cupboards in our offices are the spaces we throw our junk, broken tech and electronics before slamming the door shut and not thinking about it again. If this sounds like you, it’s time to open the cupboard doors and get to work on removing and binning the clutter that is taking up valuable space. If you haven’t used it for three months, or if it doesn’t work, it’s time to get rid! Similarly, archiving is necessary but can take up considerable space in your office. If you are struggling for space and your archiving is becoming a problem, take a look at storage Oxford facilities where you can safely store your paperwork, and your chosen company will even destroy it on your behalf when the time comes. 

Update your furniture for a minimalistic look

If you’re after a simple, streamlined look in your home office, you may want to get rid of the clutter. Instead of ornamenting your office space with a lot of curiosities, try using simple furniture and accents. You can decorate with things like rugs, artwork, vases, and other accessories to add a personal touch. Your office will look more organised, and you’ll have more room to do what you need to do. Keep in mind that simple doesn’t have to mean boring.

If you entertain and meet with potential and current clients in your workspace, it will need to look both professional and inviting. Make sure you have somewhere for your guests to sit and meet with you. Don’t fill your office up with unnecessary items that could cause distraction. Instead, choose thought-provoking paintings, and make sure to have any awards or certifications clear and visible for all to see. 

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