Everything to Know About Various Skip Waste Types

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Commercial

Are you thinking about hiring cheap skips in Essex? There are various reasons why you might be thinking about skip hire. Whether you are decorating, building, or decluttering, skip hire might be the best thing to do. However, you need to know a few things before you hire a skip. For instance, you need to think about the type of waste you will be dealing with. It is also paramount to determine the amount of waste you want you will be handling. Please continue reading to discover everything you should know about various skip waste types in 2021.

What is a Skip?

Skips are large waste containers, which are loaded in a special type of lorry instead of being emptied into bin Lorries like traditional waste containers. Waste management companies will replace the skip and dispose of the waste at a landfill site or transfer station. They are designed to hold garden waste, demolition, and construction waste. Moreover, they can also hold general waste and litter. Factories producing large quantities of scrap metal can also use skips for proper waste management.

Skip hire companies instruct clients on the amount and type of waste skips can hire. It is advisable to follow the provided guidelines so that the waste content does not fall posing a risk to others. In addition to that, skip hire companies do that to maximize revenues.

Various Skip Waste Types

You can place a wide range of waste types in skip bins without getting into trouble with the law and the skip hire company. Understanding various skip waste types and what you cannot dispose of before you hire a skip is essential. Discover various skip waste types below:

  • General Waste

Most general waste, including furniture, timber, some electronic appliances, green waste, white goods, clothes, boxes, and carpets can be put in a skip. You can also place innerspring mattresses in a skip if you talk with the skip hire company before the skip is delivered. However, you will have to incur an additional fee to dispose of mattresses.

  • Bricks and Concrete

It is crucial to note that you cannot dispose of bricks and concretes in a general waste bin. Use a separate skip to dispose of bricks and concrete. Skips containing concrete and bricks should only have the following:

  1. Pavers.
  2. Roof tiles.
  3. Ceramic floor.
  4. Concrete tiles.
  5. Roof tiles.
  6. Bricks.

You will incur additional fees if you include any other material even in the slightest quantity.

  • Sand, Soil, and Dirt

Do you want to dispose of sand, soil, and soil? You will need a separate skip for this task. You should not include any other material, including cardboard and green waste on the sand, soil, and dirt skips.

  • Green Waste

You can dispose of green waste in a general waste skip. Green waste includes:

  1. Branches.
  2. Leaves.
  3. Wood chips.
  4. Bark.
  5. Grass.
  6. Other organic materials.

However, you should not place the following waste in a green waste skip:

  1. Dirt.
  2. Soil.
  3. Asbestos.
  4. E-waste.
  5. Liquid waste, including chemicals, paints, thinners, and oils.
  6. Bricks.
  7. Concrete.
  8. Putrescible waste, including nappies, pet, and food waste.
  9. LPG cylinders.
  • Electronic

While you can dispose of or recycle some electronics at a designated centre, you can dispose of the following electronic in an electronic waste disposal skip:

  • Keyboards.
  • Television sets.
  • Computer and accessories.

Look for the leading skip hire company near you if you have any questions about various skip waste types.

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