Benefits of portable buildings and offices

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Commercial

There are a wide range of industries which require employees to work outdoors away from the business headquarters. Additionally, in some industries such as construction, it is often necessary for workers to remain on-site for extended periods of time. However, it is often the case that businesses still need to conduct a range of important administrative tasks which simply cannot wait, and this is particularly important for small businesses. In these situations, portable buildings and offices can offer businesses a wide range of benefits. We will briefly highlight some of these below. 

The first, and perhaps the most important benefit, of a portable building and office is the fact that it is portable. This ability offers any business unparalleled benefits in terms of location, as a portable building can be placed wherever the job requires it to be placed. Additionally, the building or office can easily be moved when the job changes location. It is much simpler to erect a portable building or office than you would think, as portable buildings and offices do not require permanent foundations and they can be typically placed on concrete, or compacted ground, as long as the surface is level. This flexibility is a tremendous benefit for any business and is unrivalled by any permanent structures. The portable nature of the structures also means that a portable building and office can easily be integrated alongside a permanent structure if it is required, even if it is only for a short period of time. 

An important benefit is in the cost of the portable business or office. Unlike permanent structures, which require a considerable amount of money in order to be constructed on-site and are built to last, portable building and offices are modular in nature and are pre-fabricated in a factory. The pre-built nature of the portable office kits can offer businesses huge savings in materials and in labour costs since a permanent structure is unnecessary. Importantly, factory-built portable building kits only include materials which are absolutely necessary, which results in increased efficiency. Another important benefit is that your business does not need to remain off-site and your company can save costs by remaining on-site. This means that your business will save money as those frequent trips between the work location and any off-site bases will no longer be required, as all work can be done on-site. Another cost benefit is that the use of a pre-built portable office or building can allow staff to complete tasks quicker and more efficiently than if they were using a comparable permanent structure, which results in an increased return on the initial investment. 

A related benefit is in the sheer speed at which a portable business or office can be integrated. Due to their pre-fabricated, factory-build, nature, it is typically common for a business to receive a portable building or office within a maximum of six weeks. This can be up to a staggering can be up to 60 percent less than the construction time needed for a comparable permanent building. This incredibly short lead time will allow your business to make use of the structure almost right away, with further cost savings. Additionally, portable buildings will come fitted with fully functioning lighting, electrical outlets, heating and cooling, which means that your business will not need to waste further time waiting for those necessary features to be installed: once it is delivered you can use it straight away. 

Another major benefit is in the sheer flexibility which portable building and offices can offer a business. Unlike a permanent structure, their pre-built nature ensures that portable buildings and offices are available in a large range of sizes, styles, and types. Their modular nature ensures that virtually any combination of buildings can be ordered to the specific configuration which is needed by a business, and specific visual elements can be easily customised if this is necessary. Additionally, portable buildings and offices can be easily integrated to work alongside existing structures without giving the appearance of being a completely new building. 

Finally, as portable buildings and offices are factory-built, your business will benefit from the knowledge that they are built to the highest possible standards using extremely high-quality and modern, environmentally-friendly materials. Nowadays, these structures are pre-built in a highly-controlled environment and are manufactured in accordance with rigorous building standards which ensures that they are as safe as they possibly can be. Additionally, portable buildings are typically made up of recycled materials and the fact that they are 100% re-usable ensures that carbon emissions are reduced further. The environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient nature of their construction can also typically result in further cost savings for your business as features which are generally installed as standard include solar panels, low-watt electrical fixtures, and modern versions can even be powered by wind turbines.

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