Are you thinking about renting or selling a property? Why hire a realtor?

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Commercial

The real estate market is in full recovery. Once again, the sale and rent of real estate are growing in the country. Some people may prefer to give up real estate professionals and go for the direct sale of their ventures. Today we are going to highlight why to hire a realtor.

Authentic source network

An excellent professional company like the Tenerife Estate Agents has a genuine, extensive list of clients. A realtor has a portfolio and a mailing list of pre-registered clients with their interests already determined. Therefore, it is easier for the realtor to direct property to those already interested in a new rental contract or acquiring a new property.


Another critical point is credibility in the negotiation. When a professional in the area is involved in the transaction, it is more certain that everything happens with transparency and without scares, both for those who sell and purchase the property. When there are two sides, the one who buys and the one who sells, each will seek its advantages. 


To become a professional realtor, you need to study several subjects. Some technical details are left out of a more careful assessment that only a professional can do. The broker learns how to evaluate an asset before passing it on. Therefore, for those who are going to acquire the property, it is interesting that a professional has considered it beforehand, thus ensuring that the evaluation was carried out correctly through a documented report. 


The property owner who wants a direct sale must admit that he will not get as wide publicity as a professional realtor. The broker has specific tools and platforms for dissemination, such as blogs, websites, pre-registered clients, and many other options. While the owner of the venture can at most disclose on their social network page or in interest groups.

Ability in negotiation

The broker studies to exercise his activity. It leaves you empowered and aware of some points that an amateur will not master. One of them is the clinical eye, the mastery of speech, and the ability to sell. Those who opt for a direct sale often take much longer to complete the transaction, as they cannot reconcile their schedule with the activities necessary to make the sale as soon as possible.

Inside real estate legislation

Customers and sellers will not always know which documents are correct when a real estate transaction takes place effectively. As the broker already lives this routine, it is easier for him to master this step because if he does not, he runs the risk of not being paid for his work.


Finally, we come to the point that requires much attention from those who sell and those who buy real estate – payment. With the intermediary of a broker, the price becomes safer for both parties, as an amateur does not know how to deal with large amounts or even escape blows or losses in negotiation.

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