Why are fabric beds so popular?

by | Nov 28, 2019 | blog

Currently, the trend for furniture now leans towards reliability, versatility and above all, comfort. This change in trends runs through the whole house and has made its way into the bedroom.

From wood to fabric

Once the norm was for wooden beds in the bedroom. Now, however, fabric beds have a had a surge in popularity. Many people are choosing a fabric bed, rather than the traditional and simple beds of before.

What are fabric beds?

Fabric beds are made of a frame that is cushioned by a padded and soft material such as leather. They are designed to give you maximum comfort and ensure a healthy night’s sleep. The frames and headboards on these beds are often more modern in design than more traditional styles, which has lead to an increase in demand for these types of beds.

How popular are they?

The sales of fabric beds are increasing as more and more people change their wooden frames for something a little more stylish that also offers maximum comfort.

Why are they popular?

There are several reasons why fabric beds are now more popular. Below we have listed some of the main reasons why.

1. The very best comfort

A good bed needs to give you a great night’s sleep. If you have a bed that is not comfortable, then you don’t get a good rest. This can have damaging effects on your health. Fabric beds are made for this purpose- to provide the most comfort possible. A fabric or leather bed can offer support but most importantly, it is soft enough to provide you with maximum comfort. Fabric beds are built in such a way that they move with the body as you sleep. If you roll from left to right and right to left as you sleep, the fabric allows you to move. This ensures you are comfortable throughout the whole night and can wake up feeling refreshed.

2. Relaxation

Comfort is the key, to make you feel relaxed and refreshed after a good night’s sleep. A mattress that sits on a wooden frame can only move so much against the wooden slats underneath. Fabric beds are made from a lighter material that flexes with the weight of the mattress as you lay on it.

3. A great look

Of course, comfort is just one part of it. Fabric beds add a fantastic look to a room. Wooden beds only come to life with your choices of mattress or bed linen. A fabric bed, however, can complement the existing space and furniture.

You can get a fabric bed in different colours, designs, and styles. You can choose a style that matches your furniture, or opt for something different, such as a style or colour that stands out and makes your bed the centrepiece of the room.

4. Durability and Maintenance

Fabric beds are high quality, made with the very best leather and fabrics. This kind of quality means that the bed is far more reliable and durable than frame beds. A fabric bed offers great protection for the frame underneath. Padded cushions and material protects the frame from day to day wear and tear, such as bangs and scrapes when cleaning or moving. This durability also means they are a lot more low maintenance. They can be cleaned very easily with a hoover or duster.

5. Storage options

A wooden or metal frame bed usually allows you to store items underneath. However, these items can get dusty and can quickly become something of an eyesore. Fabric beds will usually have draws built-in. This gives you a tidier storage solution.

The reasons above are why fabric beds are now much more popular today. A fabric bed is a perfect choice for those looking for both comfort and style.

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