Why a Photographer is the First Person You Should Invite to Your Wedding

by | Oct 27, 2020 | blog

As soon as you start planning your wedding, you should find a talented and reliable photographer and sign a contract with them. Experienced organisers of wedding ceremonies will confirm that a professional photographer is probably the most important vendor that you need to invite. Time flies, but the pictures from your big day will remain in your family archive forever. The quality of these pictures and therefore the intensity of your emotions will depend on the skills of the person who will be in charge of the camera.

No matter if your celebration is large-scale or intimate, rural or taking place in a cutting-edge nightclub, posh or arranged on a budget, a wedding photographer should be present at all of its most meaningful stages. If you have a chance to book the photographer for the entire duration of the event, this would be the best option. You should discuss in advance the timetable of the ceremony so that the photographer knows when to be ready.

Some couples believe that they can easily manage without a photographer because all the guests will have cameras on their smartphones. Those who think so will be lucky to get at best a dozen worthy pictures from their big day. Let’s think of the most obvious and substantial reasons to invite a photographer with a professional camera.

Photos Trigger Wonderful Memories

Over time, your reminiscences of your wedding will inevitably start to fade. With each year, more and more charming details will be skipping your memory. To refresh those romantic images in your mind, you’ll browse through your photos and revive once again all the stunning emotions of that day. Besides, your children and grandchildren will be predictably curious to see you and your life companion on such a grand occasion.

Let Your Guests Have Fun

Your friends and relatives will have so much to do at your celebration. They would love to have a glass of champagne, indulge in a piece of cake and enjoy small talk. Let them dance, socialise and watch the performance as they please! Don’t make them sacrifice their own amusement for the sake of taking pictures.

A Professional Photographer Has the Right Skills and Equipment

No matter how powerful and forward-thinking your smartphone is, it won’t be able to replace a professional camera and all the sophisticated gear that comes together with it:

  • Diverse lenses that allow the photographer to take impeccable shots in various environments
  •  A flash gun
  • Batteries, backup batteries, remote triggers and multiple memory cards
  • Lighting that makes the photos look well-lit and romantic
  • Editing/retouching software to touch up pictures (this will be applied later, once the ceremony is over)

All these items enable the photographer to take splendid pictures both indoors and outdoors, in good light and darkness, in sunlight or under pouring rain. Moreover, only a professional understands where to place the camera to secure an ideal angle and deliver a balanced composition.

Professionals Will Prepare for Work

You’ll need to talk with the photographer either in person, by phone or through email to discuss all the details of the event. You’ll explain to them what kind of pictures you need, how many of them, what to expect from the ceremony etc. Like this, the photo album that you’ll eventually receive won’t resemble a spontaneous collection of random shots. Instead, it will be a beautiful visual story with a plot and a unifying idea.

Your Pictures Will Be Immaculate

Thanks to their creative imagination, a professional photographer sees beauty in every moment. Without thinking for too long, they occupy an opportune position to take stunning shots. This is especially important if you like the so-called “candid” style: it suggests that people should not be deliberately posing in front of the camera. The photographer is discreetly following them, taking pictures while people are enjoying life. Later on, the shots will be edited to become true pieces of art. 

This List Could Go On Further

These were just the most evident reasons for booking a professional photographer for your wedding. Even if on a tight budget, you might consider economising on something else. For instance, instead of booking the venue with catering, you can organise food and drinks yourself, if this turns out to be cheaper. To save on transportation, you can book a venue in the centre of the town, where the guests can get under their own steam.

There are so many ways to reduce your spendings — but you shouldn’t skimp on the photographer. This person will turn your big day into eye candy that you’ll keep on admiring for years to come.

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