Ultimate Guide to Designing a Perfect Vaping Smoking Room

by | Jun 5, 2017 | blog

Every possible care should be taken when you design your house parts and different rooms. When it comes to special structures like vaping room, smoking room or such other areas- you need to consider all the possible factors. It seems easy but the technicalities involved are a bit complex. It’s pertinent to mention the vaping area or room should be located at a point where the other family members don’t get affected. The room cares about everyone and offers complete sense of convenience to the smokers and non-smokers equally.

Anyone can relax and enjoy vape mods, cigar or other tobacco product without exposing the rest of the household to the smells or potential health issues associated with it. A vaping smoking room done in a den-like style also adds an unusual design element to a home, giving it unusual character and style. And if you adore vintage design rooms, it will be a perfect choice to give it a go-ahead. Here we are putting an ultimate guide for designing a perfect vaping smoking room.

Get Help of a Professional Architect

Getting in contact with an experienced architect will be a great choice. The architect will let you have all the options on table and come up with a design that suits your needs, budget and demands. However, the architect will also be a help during the work in order to supervise and monitor the progress.

Select a Perfect Location

This is the very first and most important step when you are planning to design a vaping room inside your residence. As it will be an area with a lot of smoke and smells, do consider keeping it away from the living and bedrooms. Putting a structure out of the house, somehow adjacent, to drawing room or in the backyard will be a safer and better option. As the smoke penetrates easily, it should be taken care of that smoke doesn’t affect other parts of the house and particularly the furniture, interiors and living areas. It also reduces the risk of permanently infusing other parts of the home with smoke, which can make it harder to resell in the future.

Install Proper Ventilation

Installation of proper and effective ventilation system is inevitable for vaping areas and rooms. You need to install some sort of exhaust system that can move the smoke from the inside to the outside. This should be done in the start of construction. It all depends on the use of vaping room- the more frequent you use it, the better ventilation should be. You can keep it as small as a fan or as large as a commercial grade ventilation system.  One good choice for getting the smoke out of a room is an attic fan. These can be purchased at any home improvement store and you may be able to install it yourself, if you’re handy around the house. If you’re not, we’d recommend calling a professional.

Decorate Walls and Floor

We have mentioned earlier, the decoration of your vaping area depends totally on your choice and likes. If you love having a luxurious kind of room, go for the vintage style. There are a number of options to decorate walls and floor of your room. Buying high quality and dark wood for the floor will be perfect. The walls can be decorated by installing some beautiful and traditional wallpaper commonly available in markets.

Furniture and Accessories

These are the most used parts of your room. Try furniture that’s not too much expensive as the smoke and environment will deteriorate the looks. Couches and chairs with perfect comfort will make the best choices. Install large-scale, masculine furniture pieces such as leather couches, wingback chairs and occasional tables. Opt for ambience lighting, such as amber-colored sconces, green shaded banker’s lamps or elegant Tiffany-style stained-glass lamps.

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