Give Your Kitchen a Bold New Look for Less

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As the housing crisis in the UK continues unabated, a number of potential solutions are being put forward as a response. In Bristol, for example, some are even vaunting affordable flat-pack properties as a viable answer to the lack of listed homes for sale, while others are suggesting that such structures could even solve the ongoing issue of homelessness. This type of thinking is also becoming increasingly prominent among home-owners themselves, who are being forced to seek out affordable and creative solutions when remodeling their properties.

So while people historically thought that they would have to spend thousands in order to create a brand new look in their kitchens, for example, this is no longer the case. Sprucing up your kitchen has become much more affordable with many different ways in which you can create a whole new look for your kitchen without having to rip everything out and start from the beginning. Updating your kitchen is a great way of giving your home a new lease of life, and also perfect if you’re looking to sell as you’re able to create a fresh look that will appeal to potential buyers.

Revive Your Kitchen Units

Your kitchen units are often the main focus point in the kitchen, as they take up the majority of the space. They are also the part of the kitchen that is used the most, and can therefore become tired and dull after a while. Reviving those kitchen units will make a surprisingly large difference to the kitchens overall look as well as the atmosphere you create. There are two ways in which you can restore your kitchen units to their fresh, bold state and that’s through replacing the cupboard doors or repainting or refinishing them completely.

Purchasing some replacement kitchen doors is simple and the perfect way to add a new, bold look to your current kitchen. You can choose from a selection of replacement kitchen doors from different styles such as Shaker, Oak, Matt finishes and even High Gloss. Choose a style that will fit in with the rest of your kitchen and there you have yourself a brand new look without having to take up too much valuable time or spending an arm and a leg having to replace your whole unit set.

If you choose to simply repaint or refinish your kitchen cupboards, then you have an easier decision to make. When repainting your kitchen units, you have the choice of going for a completely new colour to create a whole new look, or simply painting them the same colour but still getting a bold, fresh look. Choose a colour that will work well with the rest of your kitchen and take into consideration the counter tops too, as these will need to complement the paintwork well.

Refinishing your units can mean either varnishing or polishing them. Dependant on the material of your units, you could either give them a fresh polished look, or if you have oak or wooden units then varnishing them can create a whole new, bold look too.

Spruce up Your Counter-tops

In all kitchens, the counter-tops are a key feature that needs to work for you. Your kitchen counter-tops are the space you use the most and they need to suit your kitchen and look good too. If you feel you want to spruce up your kitchen counter-tops there are a few ways in which you can do this and create a bold new look. Decide on a material, from laminate, concrete, stone or oak.

Laminate counter-tops are the most common kind in kitchens today, as they are easy to maintain, durable and look great too. Laminate counter-tops are also a very affordable option for many homeowners, and this plays a huge part when it comes to reviving your kitchen as you don’t always want to spend lots of money on smaller changes when they all add up.

Stone counter-tops are ideal for those homes with a preferred style. Stone counter-tops add a luxurious touch to the kitchen and emphasise the overall look really well. For many, stone counter-tops are not as practical as they can often stain or scratch if not protected properly. Stone counter-tops are also a slightly more expensive option, however you are investing in some very high quality materials that do create a stunning, bold look for your kitchen. Investing in stone or concrete counter-tops have very similar properties and look very similar too. You do tend to find that concrete counter-tops are more affordable, however just as durable and stylish as a stone counter-top would be.

You then have the option of oak or wooden counter-tops Oak counter-tops provide a whole new look to any kitchen and they work really well in kitchens designed with a country style theme in mind. An oak counter-top is very aesthetically appealing and are very durable too. The downside to an oak counter-top, however, is that they must be sealed properly, otherwise they may stain or warp which is not ideal, especially in a kitchen environment.

Updating Your Faucets

An element to the kitchen that is often overshadowed or ignored is the faucet. Your kitchen faucet or taps are usually more stylish and exciting than those in your bathrooms, as they have room to be a little more extravagant and interesting. Your kitchen faucet is a feature that will either stand out and look great, or sit back and go unnoticed. The aim is to give your kitchen the wow factor and this can be done through simply updating your faucet.

Dependent on your style of kitchen and preferred designs, you can choose from a whole range of different faucets. You can even find faucets that provide instant boiling water which is becoming more and more popular in homes today. Whether you’re looking for brass, steel or chrome, your kitchen faucet will add character and style to your kitchen, so giving your kitchen a fresh new faucet is a great choice to make!

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