How to Decorate your Dining Room in Style

by | Apr 26, 2017 | blog, DIY Tips

The dining room is the one room in the home that can be used in a number of different ways. From creating a place for your family to come together and spend quality time at the end of each day, to a space for entertaining groups of friends and enjoying some great food and company.

With this in mind, your dining room needs to be a space that can adapt to your different needs as and when you require it too, so the decorating process is really important. Here are a few design tips to help you create the perfect dining room for your home.

Focus on Colours and Lighting

It’s the same with every room, but the colour choices you make a vital when it comes to achieving the right atmosphere. Your dining room is a space that needs to feel welcoming and homely at all times, so choosing the right colour scheme is really important. You often find that neutral colours work best for creating that comforting atmosphere, with the ability to add bold colours through furniture and accessories.

It’s often overlooked, but you also need to consider your lighting within the room. Natural light is ideal for achieving a welcoming atmosphere, but if your dining room is not exposed to much natural light then you may want to look at introducing some bright lighting to make up for this. One very popular lighting choice for rooms such as the dining room is mood lighting. Mood lighting is the perfect way to give your dining room the perfect lighting balance to set the tone. For evening meals with the family, you may find brighter lighting is best, however, when it comes to throwing a fabulous dinner party for friends, you may want a softer tone that can be enhanced with candles.

Choose a Practical Layout

There are many different things to consider when it comes to the layout of your dining room, as the layout plays a strong part in the way the room works. Start by deciding where your table will be positioned and how large your table will be. Dependant on your dining requirements, focus on how much space you will need around your table to accommodate your friends and family. You can then figure out which position will work best for the current layout of your dining room. Next you need to think about the additional furniture pieces that you want to include in your dining room.

Many dining rooms benefit from having certain furniture pieces, such as an oak sideboard, small cabinets and even a tall bookcase, as these introduce additional surface and storage space that is ideal when it comes to hosting or entertaining a large number of people. When you add furniture pieces such as these, think about where they will work best in the dining room, with a focus on having them on the outskirts of the room to keep the focus on the central area including the dining table.

Comfort is Essential

It’s really important to design a dining room that is comfortable and accommodating in order to achieve the welcoming and homely atmosphere. You don’t want your guests to feel uncomfortable or unsettled throughout a lovely dinner you’ve spent ages preparing! Start by investing in some stylish yet comfortable dining rooms chairs. Whilst it may be really tempting to go for a really unique, bold chair design, it’s important to check that they are just as comfortable as they are stylish.

From a design point of view, your dining room chairs are a great way of introducing a bold pop of colour to the room. This gives you lots of opportunity to find yourself some gorgeous dining room chairs that will enhance your dining rooms décor and add character to the rooms overall look.

Enhancing Fishing Touches

Finishing touches are essential when it comes to decorating your dining room. As the room often has minimal furniture pieces and a simplistic base design, your finishing touches are what gives the room the character and aesthetical pleasure that you want to achieve. The way you finish your dining room is all down to personal style and you can make the most of this by adding touches you may not introduce to other rooms within your home. One of the most beneficial items to add to the dining room are candles.

Candles are perfect for setting a warm and relaxed atmosphere, as well as enhancing the rest of the décor. You can also look at adding bold cutlery pieces and some delicate glassware. These features will give your dining room a special, elegant feel that will make the room look and feel sophisticated and classy. Finally, introducing some artwork to your dining room will help to enhance your personal style and create stylish focal points within the room that will instantly add character and style to the room.

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