Britain’s 7 Most Expensive Residential Neighbourhoods

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Do you want to live in the lap of luxury? To pull out of your house onto a tree-lined boulevard alongside embassies and the residences of celebrities? Home prices are rising across Britain, but certain areas remain much more expensive than others.

While we mostly focus on high quality housing at affordable prices here, it’s fun to look at some of Britain’s most exclusive addresses and neighbourhoods. From quiet streets to the inner city, let’s browse Britain’s most expensive neighbourhoods.

Kensington, London

Known for its beautiful townhouses and the museum district of South Kensington, the area around Kensington is home to some of London’s – and as such, Britain’s – most expensive properties.

The average home price in Kensington is a whopping £1,735,484. Certain streets are able to command even higher prices, such as the ultra-exclusive Kensington Palace Gardens, where the average home costs an astounding £19.2 million.

Chelsea, London

Once the borough of artists, today Chelsea is a neighbourhood that’s only accessible for the super wealthy. Average home prices in this stylish, exclusive and pretty part of London are an incredible £1,324,479.

With Sloane Street just a short walk away and beautiful riverside properties home to some of London’s best views, it’s no wonder this once bohemian neighbourhood has become one of the city’s most expensive places to live.

Knightsbridge, London

Think of Knightsbridge and you’ll think of high-end shopping, incredible apartments and the iconic Harrods department store. As well as its shopping, Knightsbridge is a major residential district and home to some of London’s most expensive homes.

As an oasis of leafy streets and beautiful public spaces in a crowded city, the streets of Knightsbridge have become a favourite of the ultra wealthy. Today, the average home in the area sells for an amazing £1,305,055.

Notting Hill, London

Another unsurprising inclusion, Notting Hill’s cosmopolitan character and beautiful properties have made it one of the UK’s most expensive neighbourhoods. Unlike the other neighbourhoods on this list, Notting Hill’s exclusivity is rather recent.

Largely rundown and inexpensive until the early 1980s, Notting Hill took off as one of Britain’s most expensive addresses in the late 20th century. Today, houses in the fashionable neighbourhood sell for £1,173,459 on average.

West Brompton, London

South-west London is known for its costly real estate, and West Brompton certainly isn’t an exception to the rule. This lovely neighbourhood is quiet, beautiful and – like the others on this list – very expensive to live in.

Despite being more affordable than Notting Hill and Chelsea, West Brompton is still home to some of London’s highest property prices. The average home sells for more than £1 million, with the latest estimate pegged at £1,045,388.

Hampstead, London

Surprise, surprise – another London neighbourhood on the list. Known for its long association with the arts, Hampstead is one of London’s most interesting places to live, as well as one of its most expensive.

From the panoramic views of London on offer in Hampstead Heath to the fantastic history, there’s lots to like about Hampstead. Unfortunately, the £939,348 average house price makes this neighbourhood out of reach for most homebuyers.

Virginia Water, Surrey

The only place on our list located outside of London, Virginia Water is home to some of the UK’s most expensive properties. While the average property price is £937,419 or near, many properties in the town are sold for more than £20 million.

What makes this small town such a desirable place to live? Its beautiful lakes, quiet atmosphere and proximity to the famous Wentworth Estate and its golf courses are all major selling points for this charming town, particularly for celebrities.

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