How to Achieve a More Spacious Look with the Right Furniture

by | Sep 15, 2017 | blog, DIY Tips

Regardless of whether you want to reside in your current home for years or are modifying your property in preparation of making a sale, optimising the level and sense of interior space is crucial.

If you are looking to create your forever home, for example, optimising the available space in the property contributes to a more functional and multi-purpose living environment. Conversely, those looking to sell should strive to create the illusion of space within their homes in order to engage buyers in a competitive marketplace.

While this may make perfect sense, how exactly can you achieve a more spacious look within your home? One idea is to use fixtures, fittings and furniture, which can alter they layout of each room and optimise your use of space. For example: –

  1. Invest in Bespoke Curtains

We start with curtains, which can have a deceptively large impact on the sense of space within your home. Much depends on your choice of colours and fabrics, with traditional ranges offering relatively little choice to customers.

If you have a little more disposable income, however, you may want to invest in bespoke curtains. These can be made to fit your exact window space, enabling you to reduce the amount of fabric hung within your interior. Not only this, but with bespoke curtains you will also be able to choose from a far larger range of colours, patterns and materials, so that you can create fittings that fit your precise space. The choice of materials is particularly important, as you can favour lighter and pastel shade fabrics that allow natural light to engulf the interior.

The most important thing is that you have a clear understanding of each interior space and the type of curtains that you want to hang, as this makes it far easier to select a viable manufacturer.

  1. Adopt a Minimalist Approach to Design

This may sound obvious, but cluttering your interior space with excess pieces of furniture is a sure-fire way to create an oppressive living environment.

With this in mind, you should start with the basics when buying furniture and identify the core pieces of furniture that are required to make each space functional. Your living room will need at least an armchair or a sofa, for example, but you should think carefully before introducing additional pieces into the space. This type of minimalist approach is key, as it optimises the amount of floor space at your disposal and immediately makes your rooms appear bigger.

It is also wise to create a focal point in each space and use this to determine the layout of your rooms, as this can make small but significant space savings throughout the home.

  1. Invest in Multi-purpose Furniture and Hidden Storage

From a practical point of view, the use of multi-purpose furniture makes it possible to optimise space without compromising on the functionality of your home (which can be a major issue for property owners). On a similar note, the integration of hidden storage can also maximise your interior space while creating a practical interior that helps you to cope with the demands of everyday life.

One of the best examples of this type of furniture is a divan bed, which hosts a deceptively large amount of storage space hidden beneath your mattress. This can be used to store excess clothes and other items that you need to keep hold of, while optimising the level of space in your bedroom and ensuring that it provides a restful environment for children and adults alike.

By adding a select few pieces of multi-purpose furniture to your home’s interior, you can maximise the level of storage in the home while also freeing up as much of your floor space as possible.

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