4 Benefits of Integrated Pleated Blinds for Bifold Doors

by | Mar 1, 2022 | blog

When it comes to integral blinds there is the option of two types to choose from: Venetian or Pleated integral blinds. While both styles of integral blinds are sealed with specialist glazing, the two styles boast different benefits depending on your functionality requirements and design preferences. This article shall explore the various benefits you can expect from integrated pleated blinds for bifold doors.

What are Pleated blinds?

Integral pleated blinds are an attractive blind solution for the consumer market and they boast the practical benefit of never requiring cleaning or maintenance.

Pleated integral blinds are also the number one choice for style conscious homeowners. Morley Glass and Glazing offer pleated blinds which are made from woven polyester fabric within a wide range of colours. 

Remain in Pristine Condition

As integral pleated blinds are encapsulated within double or triple glazed panes of glass within bi-folding doors, they will remain in pristine condition for a good number of years as dirt and dust cannot reach the blinds. Contrastingly, as many bi-folding doors located within conservatoires and leading to the outdoors, regular pleated blinds would quickly become dusty and require regular cleaning.

Stylish Option for Your Home

Pleated integral blinds offer a stylish solution for blinds within bi-folding doors. The pleated style of blind is shutter-like in nature with the choice of completely closed, open wide or somewhere in between. Pleated integral blinds will often be made with fabric material of soft light colours giving a smooth, homely look and adding to the softness of your room.

Morley Glass and Glazing offer a wide range of colour options for integral pleated blinds including S130 green, S149 cream, S155 grey and S102 white. This choice of colour options ,therefore, makes integral pleated blinds a good way to introduce colour into your room.

Allow a Soft Diffusion of Light Into a Room

Pleated integral blinds allow a soft diffusion of light through bi-folding doors by keeping the intensity and heat low in the summer months while also allowing the little light through in the winter season. This is perfect for bi-folding doors particularly if you have them within your office environment and want to prevent sharp sunlight from distracting you while you work.

The soft diffusion of light can also assist in creating ambience within a room such as in a summer’s evening if you want to watch a film in the evening and create a cosy environment.

Choice of Five Control Systems

Most integral blind suppliers will provide a choice of five control schemes for your venetian blinds. This variety of options means there will always be a choice that suits your preference. Some of the options Morley Glass and Glazing provide include an S System slider and a C System manual control. 

The S System slider is a manual blind operation system specifically designed for pleated integral blinds. The magnetic handle attaches onto your bifold doors when you want the blind to be moved up or down and conveniently can be removed when not in use so it does not affect the aesthetic of your bi-folding doors. Contrarily, the MB Motorised Brushless allows users control at their fingertips in the form of a unique control box that allows blinds of bi-folding doors to be simultaneously opened or shut as well as the accurate tilting of slats.

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