3 Design Tips for Compact Bathroom Spaces

by | Jan 18, 2017 | blog, DIY Tips

Back in 2015, it was suggested that the emergence of modular and flat-pack housing could play a pivotal role in ending the current housing crisis. While traditional builds account for 80% of the housing supply in the UK, taking steps to optimise the impact of the modular market could help the government to achieve its objective of building 250,000 new properties each year.

Of course, the potential issue with new-builds and modular structures is the prevailing lack of space, which can cause issues in terms of both design and functionality. This is particularly true in spaces such as the bathroom, which must remain stylish and functional if it is to add value to a modern home.

With this in mind, here are three practical design tips to help bring small bathrooms to life (in more ways than one): –

Choose Your Tiles and Colour Scheme Wisely

When dealing with a small space, the first thing to consider is your choice of décor and colour scheme. Make no mistake; applying bold and strong colours (such as purple) to small bathrooms can create an oppressive space, and one that actually appears more compact that its total square footage suggests.

Instead, choose a neutral and pastel colour scheme that optimises the sense of space at your disposal, while also introducing a glossy finish in the bathroom. Jasmine glass tiles can make an excellent visual impact within a compact space, while providing a subtle contrast between white and pale yellow.

If you are feeling really adventurous, you could even use tiles sparingly and in a border that runs along the walls. You can then add various neutral shades and textures to the remaining wall space, depending on the precise vision that you have for the bathroom.

Build a Washstand with Inbuilt Towel Rails

This intriguing washstand and basin design is truly innovative, while it also offers a practical solution within a confined bathroom space. Featuring a simple basin design that is supported by inbuilt and functional towel rails, this serves as a multi-purpose fitting that can save huge amounts of floor and wall space.

With a wide range of designs available on the market, there are fittings to suit every conceivable style while investing in such an innovation can also enable you to make the most of your available bathroom space.

So whether you wish to introduce new fittings to your bathroom or simply adopt a minimalist ethos, this type of creative product can help you to realise your goals.

Leverage the Natural Light That Engulfs Your Bathroom

When dealing with a small bathroom, creating the illusion of space is arguably more important than incrementally increasing the available floor and wall space. Natural light plays a prominent role in this, as it brings interior spaces to life and makes them appear far larger than they actually are.

To leverage this principle (and any natural light that your bathroom is able to capture), you must ensure that the space is fitted with reflective surfaces, mirrors and clear glass doors. These will draw and reflect streams of natural light, engulfing the space while creating a genuine sense of luxury and openness.

On a similar note, you must also make sure that you never block windows or opt for dingy shower curtains. These actions can quickly darken the space, making is appear cold, sterile and far smaller than before.

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