10 Reasons to Choose a Flat Pack House

by | Aug 4, 2014 | blog

Excited couple about their houseAre you preparing to build your dream home? Instead of moving into a home built by someone else (and in turn, inheriting all of the features they dreamed of but you may not necessarily want) why not build your own?

Building a flat pack house allows you to put together a home that’s built exactly to your specifications, all at a reasonable cost and within a time frame that makes the average construction period seem unbelievable.

Whether you’ve heard of flat pack houses but haven’t learned about them in detail or are completely new to flat pack construction, read on to discover 10 reasons to choose a flat pack house for your next property investment.

Lower material costs

Flat pack houses cost significantly less to build than traditional homes. This is due to lower material costs. Since the materials used in flat pack houses can be built in bulk by manufacturers, they’re less expensive than standard building materials.

Excellent build quality

From leaks to gradual deterioration, many issues can make older homes far more of a headache than an investment. Flat pack houses, on the other hand, are built to last using high quality materials that reduce your maintenance requirements.

Total customisation

While prefabricated houses might have a reputation for sameness, today’s new flat pack houses are easy to customize. Add your dream kitchen, living room or master bedroom to your flat pack house with ease.

Quicker build time

Who wants to wait years for their new house to be constructed? Because flat pack houses are built using prefabricated materials, they take significantly less time to build than standard homes.

Lower labour costs

There are more benefits to the quick building time of a flat pack home than just the turnaround. Because flat pack houses are so much faster to build, the labour cost of building a prefabricated home is far lower than that of a conventional house.

Stylish and ultra-modern

Does your dream home feature the latest high ceilings, floor to ceiling windows and other modern design features? From stylish wooden flooring to beautiful balconies, all aspects of modern architecture are available in today’s flat pack houses.

Green and eco-friendly

Today’s flat pack houses are built from the ground up to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Enjoy lower energy bills and the great feeling or knowing your home is built with the environment in mind.

Easy to build

From planning permission to getting qualified people to help you build your home, it’s easy to build your own flat pack home. Enjoy a straightforward, simple planning permission process and step into your new home in no time at all.

Filled with natural light

Forget about dark corridors and uncomfortable artificial lighting – flat pack houses are built with natural light in mind. Benefit from wonderful daylighting that makes your home feel bigger, as well as helping you feel more alert and comfortable

Easy to decorate

Find the perfect décor for your new home in minutes. Flat pack houses are available in many different designs with endless customisation options, making it easy for you to match your new home to your interior design and décor ideas.

From quick and straightforward construction to endless design and layout options, it’s easy to see why flat pack houses are such a popular choice today. Why not save yourself the stress of a traditional home when you build your next dream house?

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