10 Reasons to Build Your Home Instead of Buying

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The time has come to buy your own home and you’re starting to make the important decisions. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is whether to buy a home or build your own from scratch.

We’re firm believers in building your home instead of buying, not just because of the growing shortage of houses in the UK, but because building your home gives you an incredible level of control over all aspects of your home.

In this blog post, we’ll share 10 reasons to forego buying a home and build your own instead. From comfort to creativity, read on to learn why it’s better to see your new home come together from scratch than to move into a home someone else built.

Enjoy total creativity

Do you want an open plan living and kitchen area with space for your entire family to dine? No problem. Do you want a spacious home office with natural daylighting and an entrance from your garden? When you build, any home feature is possible.

Benefit from lower costs

Building your home has a reputation as being more expensive than moving into an existing home, but this isn’t always true. Flat pack houses are 25% less expensive than traditional homes on average, helping you save money.

Add extra rooms and spaces

Need an extra bedroom? How about a large spare room for your billiards table? If you build your own home, you have total control not just over the design, but over the number of rooms, their size and your home’s entire interior layout.

Enjoy plenty of storage

One of the biggest problems of older homes is lack of storage. Many homes built in the last 50 years simply don’t have enough storage space for many families. When you build your own home, you can add as much storage space as you require.

Get plenty of garage space

Just like many older homes are built with minimal storage space, many homes also lack adequate parking space. This is particularly common with older townhouses, which often only have parking space for one vehicle.

When you build your own home, you can choose to add parking for one, two, three or however many vehicles you own. Never worry about having to park on the street again with your own spacious garage and parking area.

Avoid many home problems

From water damage to aging building materials, older homes can often experience a wide variety of problems. When you build your home, not only do you benefit from total creative control; you also avoid the problems associated with an aging home.

Create your own legacy

Do you want to pass your home down to your children one day? When your home is built from scratch to your specifications, you’re not just passing down a house; you are passing down part of your legacy.

Don’t waste time home shopping

Home shopping can be an immensely time-consuming process that very often fails to find your dream property. Instead of spending your time viewing houses you’re not interested in, preserve your valuable time by building your own.

Never deal with estate agents

From ‘cosy’ homes that cost far more than they should to large houses that don’t fit your search criteria, estate agents don’t always have your priorities in mind when they show you around properties for sale.

Building your home not only allows you to avoid common maintenance issues; it’s also a great way to avoid the buying issues associated with searching for your new home through an estate agent.

Feel a sense of achievement

It’s one thing to step into a home you’ve bought from someone, and another entirely different feeling to step into one you’ve seen develop from an empty plot of land into a property that you call your home.

Buying a home is a great feeling, but it simply doesn’t compare to the satisfaction of stepping into your recently built home. Instead of shopping around for houses, why not shop around for land and build your own flat pack house?

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