Creating a Spacious Bathroom

by | May 20, 2021 | Bathrooms

A bathroom doesn’t exist simply for personal hygiene. It can also be a place to relax, unwind, and even seek a bit of peace. When altering the look and feel of your bathroom, one thing you might want to consider is how to make the best out of the space you have. Even a small bathroom can be made to feel welcoming and tranquil, especially if you utilise decorating and the placement of necessary items. This can be achieved without needing costly renovations, and some of the tasks can be achieved yourself, without the need to hire a contractor. 


In addition to making sure that any light fixing you use is waterproof, or will not allow steam or condensation to cause damage, you may also wish to consider maximising the vertical space in the room. Lighting which protrudes from the ceiling can make the room feel shorter, which is not ideal if your bathroom already feels rather cramped. Instead, you could choose from a range of LED spotlights that will not only keep the room bright enough for your needs, but also sit flush, or almost flush, within the ceiling itself, increasing the perception of space. If spotlights are not currently installed in your bathroom, this will need to be achieved with the help of a qualified electrical engineer.


Although you can hire a professional to fit tiles for you, this is also something that can be achieved yourself with a bit of patience, and using tutorials and videos freely available online. Both the tiles on the floor and on the walls next to your bath or shower can be changed for those which will increase the amount of light in the room. To accomplish this, it is better to choose lighter colours, which will be able to reflect the light that much more. When doing so, it is important that the grout you use is waterproof. Opting for one that has mould resistance can also help them to stay looking neat and clean for that much longer.


Whether you have panelling on your bath, fitted around your toilet or sink, or even have some storage cabinets in your bathroom, these can also be refurbished to increase the feeling of space, as well as to give the room a newer feel. Something as simple as changing the existing colour of these products to one that is lighter, and making sure to use a gloss or satin finish, can further help the light to reflect. When painting items in the bathroom, it is also best to go for waterproof materials, or those that have been specially designed for use in the bathroom itself.

Creating that spacious bathroom you have always dreamed of doesn’t mean you need to knock down walls and physically extend the space. Instead, you can give a bit more thought to the room you already have, and find ways to maximise the existing area, as well as to give an illusion of space.

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