Advantages Of Electric Showers

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Bathrooms

A couple of years ago, electric showers were not very common. Today it is different. But still, a lot of people have questions and doubts about how safe actually they are to use.

However, electric showers are definitely a thing you should keep in mind if you are about to design your bathroom. They come with plenty of advantages that we will cover in this article.

Advantages Of Electric Showers

  1. Electric showers allow you to adjust your perfect showering temperature

Electric showers feature an easy to use temperature regulator that allows users to easily adjust the favourite water temperature. Make showering the way you like.

Although convention showers also come with a control system that combines bot cold and hot water, they certainly do not allow users to completely and precisely regulate the water temperature as electric showers.

  1. Electric showers are low cost

Another great advantage of electric showers is the low price. The vast majority of people are in the illusion that electric showers are way too expensive because they are newer and high tech, but they are not. These types of showers are available at different prices, ranging from the cheap and affordable one to the exclusive.

In general, they cost around 40 pounds, which is almost the same as the money you would give to buy a regular shower. So basically, this makes them very cost-effective as they last much longer than regular showers.

  1. Electric shower installation is easy

Electric showers are more complexed in design compared to conventional showers. However, electric shower installation is very easy and do not demand any great building work. You can attach the shower to the cold water pipe by a simple screw system, that’s all. Then, you are going to need help from emergency plumbers to connect the shower up to the home’s electrics.

  1. Electric showers are energy efficient

Electric shower heats water only when you need it, which means it cuts down your consumption of energy and ultimately energy bills. Many ordinary boilers work on the principle of heating a whole water tank, which rapidly boosts your energy consumption and energy bills.

  1. Buying electric showers

If you are considering to buy a new electric shower, bear in mind a few things. One of the most important decisions is the new shower kilowatt rating. There are a couple of options:

  • 8.5kW
  • 9.5kW
  • 10.5kW


Let’s take a brief overlook of the summarized advantages of electric showers:

  • hot water any time
  • adjustable water temperature
  • energy efficient
  • low pressure
  • installing an electric shower is easy
  • longer lifespan compared to ordinary showers


It is high time to stop being scared of electric showers. You can enjoy your most precious time of the day worry free, they have passed hundreds of quality and safety control test, so there is no reason to avoid them in your bathroom. You can even contact your emergency plumbers and ask them about the advantages and why they are the best choice for your bathroom.

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