7 latest must-haves for bespoke bathroom projects

by | Dec 16, 2016 | Bathrooms

The thought of finally having the bathroom of your dreams is thrilling. It will be the icing on the cake in your beautiful home. A haven for relaxation. You’ve got a few ideas of how you’d like your dream bathroom to look, but have you covered all of the style angles? Bathrooms are a pretty big part of daily life, so if you are planning an overhaul, it’s important that you don’t live to regret a wasted styling opportunity.

First things first. When you are embarking on a bathroom redesign project you’ll need to decide how much help you want. Going it alone (even if you have plumbing skills) could mean you miss out on some tricks. With so many designs to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused about what it is you really want. Consulting a bathroom designer isn’t a bad idea.

Start by making a list of the basics and then expand on each subject heading. If you are teaming up with a bathroom designer, let them know what aspects of the bathroom are important to you. Do you prefer having a shower or a bath? You can still have both, but more attention can be given to the functional capacity of your preference.

Somewhere at the top of your design list, you’ll need to decide on a basic style. Do you want a sleek contemporary bathroom, a Baroque master bathroom, or a luxury spa? We know how difficult it is to get started, so here, Dakota Murphey working alongside professional bathroom specialists The Brighton Bathroom Company, has given you some of the latest must-haves from a collection of bespoke bathroom projects.

  1. The Bath tub – the pièce de résistance

It’s the bathtub that steals the show in any luxury bathroom. Planning your bespoke bathroom will require you to choose a tub that fits in with your bathroom design. Whether it’s an elegantly sculpted freestanding tub, a heritage bath or a sunken Japanese soaking tub, taking the time to choose a beautiful and comfortable bath is central to your bespoke design.

Freestanding tubs are still on trend, while deeper Japanese soaking tubs are replacing the Jacuzzi baths. Also on trend are unique bathtub materials, such as stone and wood. Brightly coloured bath and basin exteriors are also being used to add a funky style statement. Choose a bath that fits in with your overall style.

Freestanding Bath Tub

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2. The deluxe shower
Some homeowners are forgoing the bathtub for a roomier shower. Fitted with mood lighting, body sprays, multiple shower heads, and even bench seats, the home shower is turning into a true spa experience. Steam showers are the latest splurge for homeowners.

Seamless glass shower doors are still popular for bathroom remodels, since the glass allows natural light to flood in. Salvaged steel framed doors can add an industrial vibe if you want a contemporary, moody look.

Deluxe Shower

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3. The Tech bathroom
If you love technology, then it doesn’t have to stop at the bathroom door. Heated floors, steam showers, temperature controlled self-cleaning toilets, toilet lids with motion sensors, the latest in waterproof TVs, showerheads with speakers, and refrigerated bathroom cabinets are just a few of the latest tech savvy gadgets and gizmos you can incorporate into your sassy new bathroom.

Waterproof TV

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4. His and hers everything
From vanities and sinks to towel rails and showers, doubling up in pairs if you have the room gives you another space to spend time together in. Create a harmonious marriage of substance and style.

His and Hers Sinks

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5. Seamless style
Linear shapes and floors that don’t detract attention from the walls help to create a seamless style. Subway tiles are on their way out. They looked good, but they’ve been overdone. Large tiles in muted tones or slate grey help to create a timeless aesthetic. If subtlety isn’t your thing, stick to muted schemes, but for a playful burst of colour add a block wall of ceramic tiles (behind the bath creates a stunning backdrop and makes your carefully chosen centre piece stand out). Green is on trend. Dark and moody is also making a comeback. It’s still OK to be daring, but take into account that matt, nude and neutral colours are on the rise.

Bold Coloured Bathroom Wall

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6. Generously proportioned furniture
If space allows, make use of it. For a contemporary and minimalist style use furniture with clean lines, that blends with the décor. Scandinavian style brings simplicity, and lends to the use of wood. A sitting area, if space allows, will turn your bathroom into a relaxing chill-out zone. It gives you the chance to wind down while you run your bath. Go large and comfortable.

Proportioned Bathroom Furniture

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7. Smart storage
A beautiful bathroom is an organised bathroom. When you are getting ready for work, you don’t want to be searching for your shaver, your hairbrush or your make-up. Take cabinetry seriously in your bespoke bathroom design. Make sure all of your essentials are neatly stored, but close to hand. Organised dividers in drawers and cupboards aren’t just limited to the kitchen. Feature built-in electrical and USB ports to keep everything you need ready to go.

Bathroom Storage

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