3 Stylish Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Bathrooms

Most homeowners take a sweet amount of time taking into account the decorations they want for the living room, bedrooms, and hallways but rarely give enough thought to how the bathroom should look like. We should keep in mind that bathrooms cannot be avoided as one uses them several times a day. They have wet walls because of the frequent use of water.

To some, the bathroom is their favourite room in the house, their heaven on earth, I might add. So how about according the bathroom the attention it deserves and making it a happy place. One can be bold and add wall art or funny framed quotes just to brighten up space. The following are three ways one can decorate their bathroom walls in style:

  1. Tile Effect Wall Panels

When thinking about bathroom looks, most people want the modernized look that tiles give a bathroom. This look can be achieved using tile effect wall panels which save a homeowner the stained grout and growing mould/bacteria associated with tiles. The tile effect wall panel looks quite similar to tiles since they have a 3D effect resembling grout lines. Tile effect wall panels vary in prices according to materials it was made from, that is, PVC (Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride), acrylics, and MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) with MDF being the costliest among the three.

The merits one gets to enjoy is that shower panels are:

  • Cost-Effective– When mounting them, one does not need to remove the tiles and replaster the wall just to install them. It is especially if the wall had already been tiled previously. They can be installed on top of the tiles.
  • Waterproof – They are 100% water-resistant since their surface is coated, hence one can be assured of no mould growth and stained grout.
  • Low-Maintenance– Since the shower panels are waterproof, there is no case of staining that should be cleaned or growing mould that should be done away with.
  • Easy Installation– As it has been previously mentioned, shower panels can be mounted on top of an already tiled wall easily.

There are different ways one can decorate using tile effect wall panels. One can decide and create a feature wall with a patterned shower panel while the rest of the walls have lighter panels. Another option is to be bold and has a marble wall-to-wall shower panel cover. These can be accessorized with unique styled lighting lambs and white sinks.

You can also differentiate the colour of your wall shower panels with the appearance of the floor, with the floor having a quieter colour. In case one wants a livelier bathroom space, they can opt for a bright coloured tile effect wall panel like Azure. This can then be toned down with some shades of white, grey, and chartreuse colours.

  1. Traditional Tiles

Despite the mould problems and grout stains, tiles still stand out among the many bathroom wall decors. Tiles still protect walls from spoiling due to water spillage and so on. The good thing with tiles is that they can take the shape of a wall and come in different shapes and colours. When considering the time it will take before the need to replace the bathroom walls arise, they hold the advantage of this factor.

The bathroom floor can be fitted with unconventionally shaped tiles such as hexagonal tiles with a much calmer colour compared to those of the wall. A homeowner can also decide to have an artistic feature made on one wall while the other walls have complimenting colours.

When opting for a bold look, one can decide to add flowery and detailed tiles which can be accessorized with white, a beige tiled floor, and one or two white tiled walls.

  1. Accessories (Shelves, oversized mirrors, and wall arts)

When styling the bathroom, it’s not only about the beauty but also the functionality. Shelves, for instance, can be added to serve both as storage for towels, cleansers, moisturizers, framed art, and as an accessory for the bare walls. One can choose between having shelves with brown earth calming colour or go for classy-looking glass shelves.

To add to that, one can also add an oversized mirror above the sink which creates an illusion of a larger bathroom if it is a wall-to-wall mirror. Mirrors also make the bathroom look brighter since it reflects light. One can also choose to have a gold-framed mirror against the featured wall thus adding a unique taste to the bathroom’s appearance.

Last but not least, wall arts can be used to add beauty to this space. You can be creative and have a cloud-shaped tissue holder, funny framed bathroom quotes, or canvas art prints. Some of the framed arts can be placed on the shelves to achieve the desired outlook.

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