TOP of The Best Innovative Technologies in Online Games Field

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The rapid development of iGaming is facilitated by progress in mobile technologies. Innovative online casino mobile applications attract gamblers with their novelty and unlimited possibilities. More and more users prefer virtual gambling and sports betting. Therefore, without a doubt, we can say that the future of the gambling industry is online platforms.

The latest innovations in online casinos

The gambling industry is developing at a fast pace. Every year, new technologies are introduced in this area that plays an important role in popularizing online entertainment. Gaming software providers regularly release new progressive products that also encourage users to play. The latest innovations from global manufacturers can be found on the sites of licensed casinos, said Michael Boettcher, Shangri La brand founder.

Internet resources are constantly expanding their functionality and their own capabilities. This makes the online gaming experience even more interesting. To attract new customers, playgrounds use the following innovative technologies:

• Blockchain technology that allows transparent and reliable financial transactions with cryptocurrency in the network;

• virtual and augmented reality;

• live dealers;

• improved system of security and protection of personal data of users;

• progressive mobile gaming technologies, PWA applications for browsers;

• artificial intelligence. Using VR/AR technologies will make virtual entertainment as realistic as possible. These innovations help fans of traditional casinos to look at online gambling in a new way, said Darren Keane from Shangri La.

Live casinos allow gamers to play cards or other games in real time. Twitch technology has opened up new opportunities for players. For example, users can communicate with each other and the croupier during the game. And OCR innovation makes the gameplay as realistic as possible.

The issue of security for Internet sites is in the first place, so operators continue to introduce modern and progressive measures to protect users’ personal data. The introduction of new verification systems (gaming account verification, two-factor authentication) will make playing in an online casino even more secure.

To make the entertainment environment even more comfortable, casino software developers are constantly improving mobile applications for these platforms, as well as implementing PWA applications for Chrome and Safari browsers. Thanks to such innovations, users can install the application through a browser without using online stores.

A real breakthrough in the development of online casinos was the introduction of artificial intelligence. With the help of algorithms, this technology remembers the actions of the client and, based on the analysis of these actions, offers him entertainment that best suits their desires.

What innovations await land-based gaming clubs?

Rapid development and progress are observed not only in online casinos, but also in land-based clubs. For example, some Las Vegas casinos have already implemented online concierge and chatbot technology. Thanks to them, visitors can book a place in the casino for a certain date, and chat bots allow you to find out detailed information about the services.

A modern face recognition system will help reduce the level of gambling addiction. Also, it will not allow players from the “black list” to enter the casino, for example, those who constantly violate the rules of the game or the internal routine of the club.

RFID or “smart chip” technology will help the casino keep game statistics, find the chip if it is stolen or deactivate it if necessary.

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