Kitchen design ideas that you must take into consideration

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Your kitchen is one of the essential rooms of your house. Whether you are cooking or not, chances are that you will spend some time there, so you will have to make sure that it feels welcoming. However, since the kitchen is a room that also has a function, it is important to focus on efficiency as well.

Light it up

Not many of us have the luxury of owning a house with a large kitchen so we must deal with what is already there. One way to make your kitchen feel larger is by expanding it with lighting. One way to do that can be by installing incandescent lighting underneath the upper cabinets and incandescent spot lighting above the cabinetry, as well as pendant lights in the area where you live.

Dont be afraid of colours

No one said that a kitchen has to be bland. You can experiment with color as much as you want to. Try looking for kitchen design ideas online and choose a color scheme. You can use some bold colors such as red and green, for a striking kitchen, or you can go with some pastels if you want something more relaxing.

Make a plan

Before you start renovating, it is very important that you plan everything. For example kitchen worktops are usually the focal point of a kitchen so make sure they are close enough to the sink and the fridge and dont forget to let plenty of space next to it so that you can move easily. You will also need to have access to all the appliances and the supplies.

If space is an issue you can try some creative storing alternatives that will allow you to organize things efficiently. Try hanging your pots somewhere next to your stove, or above the kitchen worktop.

Flooring is important

You floor is an important detail. While at first it might not seem that important, remember that it is usually the first thing you see when you walk into a room. And you must also combine that with the fact that the floor has to be durable, especially in the kitchen where there will be the accidental spills.

If you can afford it, marble can be a great choice. However, it can be a bit cold so your room must be heated properly. Linoleum is a cheaper alternative that is also really convenient for a kitchen.

Combine materials

For a stylish look you can go ahead and use more materials. Use a unitary style and color for the fixture and cabinets and mix up the rest. Dark wood should add a certain elegance to your kitchen, and if you feel like adding a little more you can choose a porcelain sink with golden faucets.

If you want something that looks more modern than metal is what you will need, and you can always add glass in order to make your kitchen appear larger than it is.


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