What Is Plant Hire?

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The purchasing of heavy equipment can be quite expensive if you are operating in the manufacturing, agriculture, and construction sectors. For this reason, many companies opt for the best alternative, which is plant hire services. A good example of a plant hire company is Miles Hire Ltd, based in Cardiff, South Wales, who were recipients of the 2020 Hire Award for Excellence. 

Plant Hire Explained

Plant hire is where a company rents its equipment to another company. Plant hire companies provide all the machines needed to perform various tasks on the site. They also offer access to high-tech tools to meet the demands of customers.

Plant hire depends on your requirements. They can get hired for short or long-term projects. You only need to pay for the time you are using the machinery.

Factors to consider before deciding the right company for plant hire

Choosing the right plant hire company isn’t easy. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you make a contract agreement with a potential company

1. Availability of machines

The machine you need comes down to your preferences and sector needs. Always try to look for a company with all the machinery required to complete the job effectively. The availability of equipment makes the process more efficient. It also saves time.

2. Go for the latest equipment

Although modern equipment is expensive to hire, their job is worth it. Old equipment tends to be costly when it comes to maintenance and fuel consumption. They are also prone to delays, therefore, costing you time and money. Up to date tools hosts a lot of benefits beyond expedience and the value for money.

3. The proximity advantage

It may sound cliche, but choose a company near you. In doing so, you are reducing the transportation costs, thus lowering the expenditure. 

Equipment you can expect from plant hire services

Every plant hire company has its equipment and machinery for rent. Here are some of the tools and equipment needed by the most important industries across the world.

Agricultural machinery

It is hard working in the agricultural industry without the help of plant equipment. From transportation to successful farming- the agricultural sector requires heavy tools to take care of essential services. Most of the tools hired in this sector may include:

 • Rollers

 • Tractors

 • Excavators

 • Diggers, among others 

Construction equipment

The construction sector is another example where plant hire is an important matter. Construction includes essential structures that we cannot live without, such as roads and houses. Most construction companies don’t purchase equipment for use because they are expensive and difficult to store. For this reason, they need to hire a plant company. Some of the tools hired include:

 • Rollers

 • Excavators

 • Tractors

 • Dumpers and many more 

Waste management 

Waste management is a global concern. Every country is striving to find a possible way out of managing waste. Due to the high quantities of garbage produced by different industries, there is a need for recycling and effective waste disposal. Waste management services hired include:

 • Tipping

 • Site clearance

 • Muck away, among others. 

Benefits of plant hire

Renting machines as compared to purchasing your own has a lot of benefits.

1. Flexibility

Not all projects go as per your plans. Sometimes plans change somewhere in the middle. So, plant hiring provides you with an opportunity to enjoy the flexibility of the work. That is, if your project plans change, it is pretty hard to finish the job. It will put the project on hold unless you find the right tool. That is why plant hiring is crucial. Otherwise, you may end up wasting time and money purchasing machinery that you don’t need.

 2. Cost-effective

One of the reasons why companies hire equipment is due to inadequate capital. Purchasing machinery is expensive. It requires a lot of money, loans or, hire purchase agreements, which is difficult for most companies. So, the best alternative is, of course, hiring a plant. In this case, you only pay when you need them. 

Alternatively, buying machinery means paying for servicing and maintenance. Unlike renting, where you don’t need to be afraid of maintenance expenses, repairs and breakdowns that you cant afford. 

Plant hire, therefore, is a better way of cutting costs. Additionally, there is no point in buying equipment that leaves you with low profits in case of any repair. 

3. Storage

There is also a need for adequate storage if you intend to purchase heavy machinery. Plant machinery requires a lot of space, and sometimes there is a need to have equipment stored a few days after using it. For most companies, this is quite tricky. But plant hire companies have plenty of storage no matter how large equipment is.

Alternatively, storing equipment worth millions of money requires extremely tight security. By hiring, there are no storage hassles. 

4. Quality equipment

Buying machinery isn’t cheap. You might consider purchasing a second hand to afford the costs. We all know the reliability of second-hand products is hard to believe. 

Hiring a plant company provides you with an exciting opportunity to avoid these issues. For one, all equipment hired undergoes quality checking to ensure the best services are rendered. And for the second, all equipment is tested by professionals to ensure they are working without any fuss. 

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