Helpful Tips to Prevent Mosquitoes from Bugging You This Spring

by | Apr 12, 2022 | Outdoor

There is no greater pleasure than spending time outdoors with family and friends when the weather turns warm. Unfortunately, it is also the time mosquitoes come out in huge swarms and can spoil the fun with their incessant humming and biting. In addition to their bites that cause painful rashes, according to Forbes, mosquitoes also transmit a host of diseases like malaria, chikungunya, dengue, and more. Some of the most effective tips for reducing mosquitoes in your backyard include;

Reduce Foliage around the House

Mosquitoes take shelter in bushes, tall grass, hedges, etc. They seek shade to stay out of the heat and light during the day, which is why if you reduce the shaded areas, they will less likely infest your backyard. Trim the hedges and bushes and keep the law regularly mowed. Ensure there are no overgrown jungles of weeds and encourage your neighbors to do the same.

Remove Standing Water

Even small amounts of stagnant water are sufficient for mosquitoes to lay eggs. Since even a thimbleful of water is enough, you need to thoroughly inspect your backyard to locate and dispose of empty flowerpots, kid’s pools not in use, furniture, toys, old tires, etc., where rainwater is likely to collect. Clean the gutters, and fill in stump holes with mortar. Ensure that the ditches drain well and if there are any swampy places, fill them in.

Treat Pools of Water

Do not ignore pools of water that you cannot drain or fill in. Instead, you may consider treating them effectively to eliminate the mosquito larvae. At times, it is difficult to get rid of stagnant water. You may then consider treating the pool of water by pouring a minuscule amount of a mosquito larvicide, like Agnique MMF, into the standing water. Agnique MMF is a biodegradable and naturally effective mosquito larvicide that helps in reducing mosquitoes carrying and transmitting diseases, according to Pelican Pest Control: mosquito control service you can trust. You may alternatively add Mosquito Dunk to the standing water. It will help by producing toxic bacterial spores effective in killing mosquito larvae. Mosquito Dunk is not harmful to fish or other animals, but it is effective in preventing mosquitoes from breeding. 

Use Fans and Foggers

Even after doing all you can, you may still find mosquitoes humming around. You may consider using outdoor foggers and misting systems. Using large fans can make it difficult for mosquitoes to approach you. Applying a DEET-based mosquito repellant is effective, as is spraying permethrin on your clothes.


If your efforts to reduce the number of mosquitoes are not effective, you should call in pest control professionals. They will spray insecticide on the shrubs and bushes as well as other areas in your backyard that will bring you considerable relief and let your guests enjoy an outdoor summer party without getting bitten. While you can always apply the insecticides yourself, professionals have access to better insecticides and equipment and also know how much to use to avoid risk to humans and pets. If the area around your house is wooded or there are lakes and ponds, you may find it worthwhile to contact your local Mosquito Control District to intervene and spray the area.

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