3 Tips for an Ideal Garden Office

by | Jul 26, 2017 | Outdoor

While many people may not have heard of a garden office, it’s exactly as the name suggests – an office in your garden. Breaking away from the tired ideas of what a home office should look like, garden offices place you exactly where you are most likely to get in some much needed inspiration and legitimate alone time. There are many different types and designs to choose from, but here are three tips to make sure your garden office becomes your own personal creativity hub.

Views at every angle

Studies have shown that being in nature greatly improves our overall mental health. So when designing your garden office, do so with the intention of including as many windows as possible – including sliding glass doors, to ensure that you get the most out of this outdoor space. While you may be tempted to opt for a more traditional design, keep in mind that the best aspect of a garden office is being able to work ‘outside’ – while being protected from the inconveniences of it, including bugs, weather changes, and noise. Make sure to set up your desk and chair for an optimal view, but include windows throughout the office to keep the magic of “working outdoors” alive and well – at every angle!

More than just an office

If you plan on utilising your garden office consistently, and therefore spending a lot of time in it, make sure to accessorise your surroundings to include an area you could have a short break in, or have additional people at. A great option is designing a deck surrounding your office entrance, with a small patio set where you can relax, enjoy some fresh air, eat a snack, or do some entertaining. If your goal is to get work done, you of course need to consider breaks, and if your outdoor office comes equipped with an area ideal for one, you are more likely to stick around rather than go in your home and become distracted. Plus, a deck and patio will really turn your garden office into a wonderful oasis!

Bring harmony to you

If you are considering building a garden office, chances are you enjoy being surrounded by nature. Whether you are in your office or in the break area on your deck, consider adding some touches to your garden in order to really make working outside count. Bird feeders around your garden will make sure you always have some pleasant company, while relaxing outdoor water fountains offer some much needed relaxing sounds coupled with a beautiful aesthetic, keeping you inspired and calm when you may need it the most. For hard-working days that may turn into nights, consider adding some soft garden lights throughout your outdoor space as well, to keep your surrounding well-lit and visible.

Having a garden office has many perks. Being surrounded by nature while being sheltered, as well as having access to instant inspiration while working, definitely sounds like a dream come true. Take it a few steps further by personalising your garden office to make sure your views are great from every angle, that you have a break and socialising area, as well as accessories that will keep you relaxed and present. Working never looked – or felt, this good!

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