Tips To Bring Your Old Window Sills Back To Life

by | May 1, 2020 | Home

Most people think that when the window sills of their homes get old, they instantly have to be replaced with new ones. However, while there are times when the window has severe damages as a result of extensive termite infestation or rotting that cannot be repaired, a lot of times, a complete replacement is not necessary.

This is because when the structure of the window is good, the problems can be fixed and the life of the window can be extended by several more years. The reality is that a lot of the common window sill problems can be fixed with minimal money and time without having to be replaced.

Below are some window repairs that can be handled by anyone who has a few basic tools, elementary carpentry skills and a few hours to spare.

  • Replace Any Broken Glasses

House windows break for different reasons. If it is an old house, glass windows may become weak and break as a result of weathering tropical storms. Other times, they may break as a result of being hit by errant balls.

Whatever the cause of breakage is, the way to bring them back to life is to replace them. Though you have an option of hiring someone to replace the broken glass, you are better off doing it yourself because most glass specialists today may not be conversant with fixing the kind of windows that you have in your old windows.

To do this, take the broken glass from the window, clean the rabbets by removing the old glazing putty on the exterior part of the window and get a  new glass to replace the broken one. Fix it and clean it to give your window a new look.

  • Fix the Rot on the Wood

The wooden frames on the exterior part of the window are vulnerable to rot due to moisture. They also get damaged by insects and birds and if they are not repaired on time, they rot and have to be replaced. But things don’t have to get there because there is a way to fix wood rot fast.

To fix the rot on your window sills, you’ll need to carve and cut away rotten wood with a sharp chisel. Ensure that you remove the rot until the solid wood surface beneath is exposed. If you leave any rotten wood on the wood will cause the rot to continue spreading. Once you are done clearing the rot, apply wood filler using a putty knife.

Ensure that the filler is spread well to cover the damaged area.  Leave the filler to settle in for an hour before smoothing the surface using an orbital finishing sander or hand sandpaper. Clear the sanding dust using a damp cloth and apply a primer coat then give it a topcoat finishing.

  • Block the Window Drafts

Old windows do not seal tightly. This allows air from outside to blow into the house. To fix the old sills, caulk the exterior part of the window frame to stop the flow of air into the house. Find the gap between the exterior boards of the house and the frame perimeter and, using a putty knife and a stiff-bristled brush, remove the dirt, dust or debris that may have settled in those gaps.

After that, fill those gaps with acrylic latex caulk. Make the caulk bead smooth using a wet finger. Then you are going to need a window weatherstrip and you can now get these easily online from sites like the Skirting Board Shop. When weatherstripping, opt for one that is big enough to cover all the gaps on the sash but also flexible enough to keep the window working.

  •  Redo the Window Exterior

To keep your window frames from getting damaged by external elements, apply a coat of paint on the exterior surfaces. Leaving the surface with cracked, peeling or blistered surfaces makes water seep into the wood, which causes the window frame to sill and rot. To give your exterior a new lease of life, remove any blistered or loose paint with a paint scraper and sand the surface to make it even and smooth.

If there are depressions, cracks or holes on the wood surface, use a wood filler to patch them up before sanding them smooth. Use a damp cloth to remove the sanding dust and apply a single coat of exterior primer. After that, apply double coats of paint to give your window exteriors a new look.

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