Tips for choosing the perfect modern armchair

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When you decided to purchase a nice modern armchair for the home or the office, you didn’t think it was going to be such a tall order, did you?

After an initial search on Google, you realised how many billions of furniture items have ever been created to accommodate human rear ends by some truly inventive designers, and now you’re afraid of making a terrible mistake. We know.

Don’t worry, in this article we’ll try to offer a few tips that will make the search for your armchair that much easier.

Where do you want to put your designer armchair?

If you know precisely where you want to put your designer armchair, then you can focus on just those items that will be truly perfect for that setting.

It’s not enough to consider whether you’ll put the chair at home or at work, the real question is: in which room will I put this armchair?

Possible answers: living room, kitchen, bedroom, my company’s lobby, my personal office, my restaurant’s dressing room, a room in the hotel I manage, a relaxing nook in my fashionable bar.

There’s quite a difference between an armchair we sit on every evening to watch the telly, and a small armchair on which a woman sits every morning to put make-up on. The former needs to be extremely comfortable and be upholstered in fresh fabrics that don’t stick to the skin in the summer, the way leather does (stunning, but not very functional). In the latter, style could be more important than comfort.

If one or more armchairs are intended for a workplace, then we need to consider factors such as versatility, employee health, the message we wish to convey to clients who see them and use them.

The importance of designing offices and the attention to health are also mentioned in the article in Growth Business, which reads: “There are also health benefits to consider; a bright and ergonomic office can improve the wellbeing of your staff without them even realising. An open and bright office that allows natural light to flow through will reduce lethargy in staff and allowing for a range of furniture, desk options and comfortable meeting spaces could positively impact the health of your employees”.

It’s not just employees who are positively influenced by environments designed with care, but clients coming to the office to discuss a project or sign a contract are as well.

Read the description for the small armchair you wish to buy thoroughly.

Going from one manufacturer site to another, from e-store to marketplace, and after seeing hundreds of products, sight becomes increasingly less selective and the most important features for the armchair we’re looking for get neglected.

We need to pay attention to the materials it is made of because, for example, solid wood and composite wood have different prices, as well as completely different strengths.

Properly measure the setting you need to furnish with the small armchair and other elements, and stop to read the size of the furniture, even if written in small font inside a downloadable brochure. You wouldn’t want to end up with items that don’t fit in the room, right?

The small details that make a difference.

If you fell in love with a small armchair that seems to be truly perfect, make an effort and check whether the company making it is serious. Having a written warranty and good customer service could be of great help in case of issues.

Check comments on social media and the reviews of customers who have already received the furniture item you’re about to pay for. If they’re not 80% positive, perhaps it’s best to forget the small armchair in the e-store’s shopping cart and move on to something better.

CTA 1: If you need more information, read “What is the perfect spot for a modern armchair?”(link to Albaplus article)

CTA 2: If you wish to see how a modern armchair is made, check out the one made by Albaplus, an Italian company that designs and makes designer furniture.

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