List Of Driveway Types in UK

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Driveways are one of the major dreams for your home improvement ideas. A stunning driveway improves the aesthetic value of your home including flexibility. Are you planning to get a driveway design for your location?. If yes, you can follow the best Driveway Types available in the UK for your expectations. Depending upon your budget, dreams, flexibility, and structural preference, the exact driveway type can be selected by you.

Let us see the Driveway Types in the UK

Block paving driveway- It is a very popular driveway design in the UK that involves concrete blocks or slabs. You can change the look of your house by using this driveway design. The durability of this technique is high and hence it has a huge demand among the customers. The different colors and styles match the core satisfaction of the customers. The different types of driveways are done by driveways Essex.

Resin driveways

A smooth surface is laid by using small stones along with resin material. The attraction and lasting performance of the driveways entice many UK customers to go for this. The versatility feature of the resin driveway is a major advantage for the customers. It is easy to maintain and has good resistance to extreme temperatures.

Asphalt driveways

A customer who expects an easy installation at a low cost can go for Asphalt driveways. The durability of the driveway entices many customers. One of the main advantages of this driveway is its sun’s heat-retaining capacity. It enhances the look of your property to a greater extent. If properly maintained, it gives you a long life. This design is also called a Tarmac driveway.

Concrete driveways

A lot of UK customers love imprinted concrete driveways than other types for their properties. The diverse style of this driveway is adding value to the customer’s property. Due to the low cost of laying the concrete, it is a budget-friendly design for many customers. The only disadvantage of this driveway is that it does not have cold-resistant property.

Gravel Driveways

If you like to deter burglars, then gravel driveways are the best. It is made by mixing sand, clay, and rock. Low cost and durability are the major advantages of this design. The process of laying this driveway is very simple and quick. The customer can easily maintain the driveways without much trouble.

Brick drives

This driveway is easy to maintain, easy to install, and has a good durable feature. The surface of the driveway is very strong, and hence it gives a good life span. The beauty of your property is enhanced by this driveway, and it is easy to clean. It is slippery if you install this on a slope.

Glass driveways

This driveway is done by using recycled glass material. Not only glass material but also other materials like granite, and cement.

Tar and chip driveway

The main advantages of installing Tar and chip driveway are rough surface and low-cost design.

Other driveways are

  • Interlocking driveway- You can get personalized effects by installing this
  • bitumen driveway- Very easy to install and does not crack

The above driveways are popularly practiced in the UK.

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