I Don’t Want a For Sale Sign In My Yard

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Home

If you have serious reservations about a bold, unmissable For Sale sign planted front and centre of your property… you are not alone. Increasingly, sellers are finding these signs less of a help and more of a hassle. While they are intended to do a little low-cost passive advertising and catch the eye of people who happen to be passing by, these signs may have unintended, and unwanted, consequences for homeowners who are hoping to sell. What do these consequences entail? And what can you do if you do not want a sign announcing your hopes to sell?

The Problem with Planting a For Sale Sign

The For Sale sign has long been an iconic object in the real property world. The feeling for both buyers and sellers at seeing it turn to a ‘Sold’ sign is highly gratifying as well! But there are some serious and viable concerns that you may be experiencing at this point.

Most Hopeful House Hunters Start Their Searches Online

The vast majority (over 90%) of those looking to purchase a home start their searches online. It makes sense: they can do so in the comfort of their own home, corner coffee shop or their seat on the train or bus. It is ultra-convenient, and they can narrow in on properties that have the qualities and characteristics that they want and need, as well as targeting specific locations more easily.

That said, only a small minority of properties sell because someone happened to walk or drive by a For Sale Sign. While these signs can make people aware of properties in areas they may not have been searching online, their efficacy has diminished in recent years.

It Can Compromise Safety

Other home sellers are concerned with their safety when placing sale signs on their property. For example, it could make the home a target for thieves and burglars. Considering the fact that your home could be vacant, this makes it very attractive for would-be criminals. Also, if they do a little basic internet research, they can find your listing and learn much about you. In one extreme instance, a scammer discovered the name of a homeowner’s children (which were included in wall decorations) and used this information to coerce them into giving him money and valuables.

Admittedly, this is a rare, extreme case. But any time your safety is compromised is worth taking stock of.

… And It Does Compromise Privacy

Now in terms of privacy, a For Sale sign does by its nature invite enquiry. You may be dealing with people who are stopping and looking at your house from the road. You may even be dealing with people so bold as to knock on your door to ask you questions or get a peak around. When you’re finishing up work, interacting with the kids, eating dinner or otherwise living your life, this can be an unscheduled and unwelcome pain!

While you do want to be flexible when it comes to showing your house, a random knock on the door is not a viewing. You have no obligation to let anyone enter or to speak with them regarding your home. If they are serious, they will contact you via more appropriate channels, such as through your estate agent.

You May Want to Keep a Sale Private and Quiet

For various reasons, you may prefer to keep the sale of your home private and as quiet as possible. Whether you do not want to make your plans known to friends, family members or even foes, it is important that this process remains discrete.

Selling Without A Sign

Of course, you can request that your estate agent not plant a For Sale sign. But you can also skip the estate agent altogether. When you need a quick, discrete sale, consider a cash house buyer. You can complete a sale within days, receiving an offer averaging around 80 to 85% of total market value (and you will not have to cover the costs of an estate agent, solicitor, surveyor, searches, etc.). With such a transaction, you don’t have to deal with sales boards, viewings or advertising. You can just take advantage of a streamline process – and cash in your bank account.

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