How To Sell A Property With Undesirable Features

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Home

Selling your home can be a struggle, particularly in turbulent times such as these. Brexit, and the uncertainty this event is bringing, could have a negative effect on the property market, making it harder for you to sell your property for its true value.

It becomes even harder to sell your home in this challenging market if it has an undesirable feature that you cannot change, such as a bad location, filthy neighbouring properties or an unattractive floorplan.

All of these features, or others, could make it feel like your home is unsellable, but there are ways to boost your chances of finding a buyer and moving on with your life. Read on to find out more and explore the options you have to help you sell your property.

Identify Any Issues And Try To Work Around Them

Some undesirable issues can’t be fixed, but others can be, so work with your estate agency to identify the reasons why your home isn’t selling and work out if there’s a solution. In some cases, the problem may cost a lot of money to fix, but it will be worth the investment if you can raise your home’s value and increase your chances of selling it.

Use A Fast Sell Company

When traditional estate agents can’t sell your home, consider working with a fast sell company or cash house buyer agency that can give you a great price for your home quickly and efficiently. FastBuy Properties will buy houses in Aberdeen and further afield for a great price, meaning that you can carry on with your life without the hassle of finding a buyer for your property. 

Try Selling Your Home At Auction

Another alternative way to sell your home is to put it up for auction. There’s no guarantee that your home will sell, as it may not meet its reserve price, but it could also earn you a better price than you expected. This uncertainty is what puts many homeowners off attempting to sell their property at auction, but if your home is not selling through traditional methods then this could be a great alternative.

Explore The Part Exchange Options You Have Available To You

Some developers will allow you to part exchange your old home in return for a new one, so if you are looking for a new build home this could be the perfect option for you. Make sure that you’re getting a good deal and that the developer is giving you a property that is of the same value as yours before you commit.

Collaborate To Increase The Chances Of Buyers Getting A Mortgage On Your Property

One of the main reasons that homeowners struggle to sell their property is because it’s hard to get a mortgage on it. If this happens, potential home buyers find themselves unable to fund their purchase and forced to look for a property they can get a mortgage on. If you find out that your home is being denied a mortgage, then you should work with a mortgage consultant or your estate agent to understand why and what your options are.

Selling a property with unpopular features can be tough, but these tips should help you to do everything you can to attract a buyer and finally let go of the house that’s been holding you back.

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