Giving Your Home Character – How to Design a Classy but Personal Interior

by | Nov 5, 2020 | Home

If you are moving into a new place and want to start nesting to usher in aspects of your personality, or maybe your home at the moment feels lacking in taste and impersonal, there are plenty of great ideas out there to help spruce the place up. Your home is where you want to be unequivocally yourself – it’s where you feel safest and most relaxed, and spend a good chunk of your time, either by yourself or with family. This space should reflect who lives there and exude the energy you want to draw from it. Here are some ideas you may want to consider.

Make Use of Natural Lighting

The worst way to dampen the spirit of a house is to bathe it in dreary, dull light sources. Bad lighting can make any room feel clinical and unwelcoming – which is the last thing you want to project. Draw the curtains back and make use of the natural light sources in your home, rearrange the furniture so it’s not blocked off, and keep your windows clean (it really makes a difference!). Incorporating reflective surfaces into the décor is also a clever way to maximise light. If you live in a place without many windows – don’t worry, we have solutions for creating ambience below.

Illuminate from Within

Placing candles about the home and lighting them in the evening is a good way to softly brighten up the room – and if you decide upon scented candles, it can be so relaxing and fill the rooms up with pleasurable smells. Lots of little tea lights are good to place in coloured lanterns if you want some variety, or you can use large candles in a visible spot for a soothing, subtle light. Make sure you snuff them out safely and don’t leave them in places that could be a fire hazard.

You could also make use of fairy lights. These are a lovely, inexpensive alternative which offer bright pockets of illumination threaded about the home. They can be bought in different hues and subtleties, but for the best atmospheric results, we recommend using both candles and lights. These are some innovative ways to use fairy lights in the home.

Accenting Your Space

Pops of colour are one of the best ways to tastefully add character to a living space. Using bright or textured cushions and small rugs is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. Hanging art and photos on your walls is also a great method, as these can express your interests, show off your personality and invoke warm memories, which make a place feel more homely. To avoid making your wall décor look cheap or tatty, go for something different, like the acrylic photo frames from Here you’ll find frames of all sizes at competitive prices. They will make a space feel more mature and well designed, and will liven up your walls, utilising them as features of your home, rather than dull blank spaces.

Try out these methods to inject some style into your spaces, and breathe life into where you live. Your home is important to your mental wellbeing, and you should utilise these tips to add a little self-care into your home design.

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