The Future of Interior Design

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Are you struggling to keep up to date with the current trends when it comes to your homes décor?

If so, then instead of getting even, you should get ahead. Interior designers nowadays are obsessed with futuristic furnishing and design ideas, so we decided to make a guide on designs and products that should give your home a futuristic feel to it.

Yes, some of these things may be out of your price range, but they will provide you with an insightful look into what your future home may feature.

The Kitchen of Tomorrow

UK wall and floor tile provider Tile Depot have created an interactive infographic about what the ‘Kitchen of Tomorrow’ will look like, which can be found here.

Not only have they focused on the design of the kitchen itself, but they have also included what kinds of appliances, gizmos and gadgets you should find, including the likes of smart refrigerators and touch-screen stove tops.

The White and Black Illusion

Not only is this option straightforward, but it is affordable as well. In interior design, using only black and white furnishings and accessories to decorate your living space will increase the minimalism of the décor and will provide a futuristic effect.

These two colours complement one another perfectly and create a bold setting and white walls and black accessories in particular create an ‘outer space effect’, further enhancing its futuristic look.

The use of white furnishings also adds an element of luxury as they look clean and make coloured centrepieces around them even more striking.


Known to many as a flotation tank, the I-Sopod has truly revolutionised bath tub design.

With its shape based on isopoda species, this subversive model is built with comfort and tranquillity in mind. Not only does it come with LED lighting and a built in MP3 Player to create the perfect ambiance, but it also comes with sound and thermal insulation that reduces operation costs.

Its design alone is very particular and futuristic, but its price is the only thing that hampers it from becoming a popular acquisition worldwide. It could be many years before these products are available at an affordable price for most.

The Floating Bed

Unique, unnatural and not as expensive as you would think, floating beds are known by many as hanging beds. They are usually hung from the ceiling, creating a gravity-defying illusion, or instead they can be held up from the centre of the base or an attachment to the wall, which creates a similar effect.

They are very stylish and classy as well and will certainly give your home a luxurious feel as well as providing a visually beautiful centrepiece to your bedroom.

The Asteroid Lamp

With 24 facets that ultimately give it is name, the asteroid lamp is a free standing home appliance that is built to be used in an outdoor setting as well as an indoor one.

Its structure is built from minimalist clear glass which is used to provide a unique deflective lighting effect. It provides the perfect dim lighting setting in a dark room and truly compliments a wooden living space.

Most importantly, in respect to its design, this appliance is eye catching, contemporary and one of a kind in comparison to other lighting fixtures. It is surely going to make you stand out from the rest.

Textured Walls

Yes, perhaps the concept of textured walls is not entirely futuristic,but over time the textures have moved on from concrete walls covered head to toe with wallpaper, and now many home owners are looking to revamp the their walls texture in order of keeping up with modern trends.

Regardless of whether you are keeping your home modern with the latest furnishings, if the texture of your wall isn’t fitting of these decorative accessories then the whole design is going to look all over the place.

For those of you who are looking to move from the old to the new, then designs and textures such as floral walls, squares of different shades, or horizontal and vertical wooden panels will give you the platform to create your very own futuristic living space.

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