6 Tips for Building a Gaming Room from the Bottom Up

by | Oct 18, 2022 | Home

There are a lot of great gaming rooms out there. To the point that it’s become a product of pride. Show us your setup. If you want a setup to be proud of, we’ve got the guide for you. Take a look at our guide to looking after your gaming space.

The desk

The desk is the foundation. It should be stylish and sturdy. Something that big is going to be the focal point of the room, so you’ll want it to look good. However, if you’re in a small space, you might want to go the mix and match route of a lot of TikTokers lately: i.e. buying two (or more) sets of drawers at the same height and a desktop and calling it a day. Even better, you can buy an adjustable desktop and call it a day. Even better, you can buy an adjustable desktop and enjoy a desk that actually feels comfortable and you can rise to standing position when sitting just isn’t fun anymore.

A decent chair

No, we do not mean one of those back-breaking contraptions that PewDiePie or Ninja is peddling. If you’re expecting to spend hours at a time playing games, you need to invest in a good desk chair, not a gaming chair. Gaming chairs only look good but do nothing positive for your back. Invest in a decent desk chair that will support your body while you play and you might even avoid some game-ending carpal tunnel syndrome while you’re at it.


Look, gamers are collectors. Even if you’re not buying physical game discs anymore to play, you’ll have that COD-themed t-shirt, that Fortnite-themed controller case, every book of lore and as many Funko Pops as you can get your grubby little hands on. Give them their moment. Forgo the Ikea Billy bookcase you’ve had since pre-school and buy a decent display cabinet. The boring stuff can go in the lower drawers because your game room still has to go in a home, hopefully with bedding and towels, and put the fun stuff on display.


Of course, if we’re going to make a games room from the bottom up, we’re going to need the basics. That means a PC. Gaming PCs are hard to price, because they’re so customisable and personalised, but you can bet the lowest you’ll be paying is in the £700 region. And of course, consoles are becoming more and more exclusive with their releases. That’s another £500 for the latest generation if you want to play any Marvel or Bethesda games in the future. And no, your office PC won’t suffice even when playing Unibet poker or similar, unless you want it to overheat before the action has begun to shape up.

A mini-fridge

It’s important to stay hydrated. Gaming is a sport after all. They host tournaments and have athletes. So, keep a steady stream of water within arm’s reach. You can put a mini fridge under your desk and fill it with bottled water and goodies to keep you energised during the marathon nights.

The wires

What’s the one thing that turns a gaming corner from something an amateur 14-year-old playing Mario Kart would love, to the greats who take gaming seriously? The wires.

Really. You’re going to get tangled if you have wires from the mouse, headphones, keyboard, PC, speakers, and any other gadget you can find, your room is going to look a mess and gather irritating dust. Go for wireless and Bluetooth options whenever you can, but also invest in some cable ties and tie them to the legs of your desk or tie them together to keep them out of your way. Drill a hole in the desk and feed them through for another way to keep them out of sight.

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