5 tips for buying the perfect home for you!

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There are many factors to consider when purchasing your new home. Everybody will have a list of criteria of what their perfect home will entail, but realistically ‘perfect’ is never going to happen if you have a number of unrealistic expectations. ‘Perfect’ in a realistic sense will be the house that would be best suited to your current situation, in relation to number of bedrooms, price, location and being sensible in your approach and so on.

Here are 5 tips on how you should prepare for the purchase of your perfect home…..

Stay within your budget

Property value in the modern day market is gradually becoming more reasonable for house hunters, but investing in property is still a major investment. Carefully budget out how much you plan on spending on your new home and take into consideration any plans you may have once you’ve purchased your new home. Some buyers make the mistake of overpaying on a house and leaving themselves short of money for any renovations or changes they need or want to conduct once they are living in the new home. Budgeting is the first step on the ladder in relation to purchasing a new home and it is essential to speak if feasible to an accountant before investing in any property.

Consider its location

A house may look marvellous inside and out, but you need to consider greatly whether the area is in a convenient location for you and your family. A family with children will have to consider local schools for example, or for others it may be a matter of being too far away from your current working environment. These factors only apply if you are not looking to relocate away from your current town or city. If you are looking to relocate a far distance, it is important to deeply research new areas extensively and read reviews and information online and discuss issues with an estate agent.

Is it suitable for you?

Suitability is probably the most important factor you will have to consider when purchasing a new home. Obviously locations and prices have to be suitable for buyers but there are other areas that have to suit you as well. For example there are things within the interior of the home that have to be well suited for you such as number of bedrooms. If you are a couple moving into a 4 bedroom home, then despite the fact it may be within your price range, you could look for something more convenient or cheaper that will match your current situation and can accommodate your future plans. Again, estate agents would take this into consideration whilst helping your search for your future home.

Do not panic buy!

Now panic buying is part of the same bracket as suitability in the sense that it reminds home buyers to be sensible with their approach to purchasing a new home. You hear on many occasions that home owners have put their property on the market within a year as it is either too big or too small for them, or perhaps they have not been able to adapt to a new area. These problems more than likely occur due to the fact that there hasn’t been enough research conducted and the buyers have jumped into a rash purchase.

Play the waiting game if it’s necessary

If you are desperate to move out of your current home and are looking to move as soon as possible, then anywhere may seem a better option. Overlook your options carefully as a quick move may mean that these problems will rise again quickly. We recommend that you wait out for a property that matches your criteria, but if your current situation becomes untenable then a short term stay elsewhere would be best suited. This is due to the fact that home ownership is such a huge investment and if you decide to blow your budget elsewhere instead of waiting, then you will not be able to compete when a home you desire comes on the market.

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